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To spare you from scrolling down one big, enormous list, we organized our hotlinks by category to make it easier for you to browse through them and find what you want. And remember to try a category you wouldn't normally look at. You never know what you might find!

Want your page listed here? While most of our links are staff picked, we'll consider submitted links as a way for people help us avoid unintentionally ignoring good sites. Send email to a handwritten email address with a brief description of your site that we can use, and an optional banner. Banners should be no more than 120 pixels wide or tall, in either GIF or JPEG format. Please try to specify the category under which you want to be listed. No adult or hentai links, please.
This email address can also be used to report out-of-date links -- our thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to do that!

Clubs and Conventions A handy list of different anime conventions all around as well as different anime clubs that we like, attend, or think are worth your time to check out. Plus some more general links to help you meet anime fans.
Anime Producers These are the various studios that create the anime we love, or the companies that have a direct hand in bringing that anime over here to us. Some of them even have club programs to help us bring you swag!
Anime Retailers This is a listing of the various anime retailers we know of. Some are better than others, but they all carry anime or anime-related merchandise that you may enjoy.
Other Anime Sites These don't quite fit in the other categories, but we feel they're definitely worth your time to look at. They range from fan-produced pages dedicated to particular shows, to general purpose pages that cover anime.
Computer and Internet These are different computer magazines, search engines, and other web sites that are best categorized as "computer" sites.
PC and 3D Gaming
Guild Wars
Into gaming? Especially 3D gaming? Then take a look at these sites to get daily breaking news on various gaming-related things. We also have a page devoted just to Guild Wars.
Entertainment Sites This list of sites spans the range from computer games and other diversions, to television shows and networks, to cultural highlights that you may enjoy.
Information Sites These are news, reference or electronic magazine web sites. Also here are resources for understanding Japanese.

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