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Guild Wars page
We've now devoted an entire page to Guild Wars!
Blue's News
Blue's News is a great news site, with multiple updates a day and an emphasis on first person shooters.
The Firing Squad was started by Quake-champion Thresh, so their coverage of games is quite good. Plus their reviews tend to have many, many screenshots, and they're one of the less biased review sites. And some of their staff are big anime fans, so what more could you want?
PC Gamer
The preeminent gaming magazine on the web, and they're also the home of the (in)famous Coconut Monkey!
Sharky Extreme
Sharky, previously from VoodooExtreme, now has his own site. They have somewhat broader coverage of the computer industry as a whole, instead of concentrating only on games.
Arreat Summit Diablo II is an old game now, but many of the staff kept playing it for years. An official site is the Arreat Summit. An very informative unofficial Diablo II site is
Joystiq Joystiq is one of our favorite gaming news sites. There are separate feeds for Playstation, Nintendo and that other system. Also take a look at Massively for MMO news.
Undead Labs People who think about the coming zombie apocalypse every day probably already know about Undead Labs and their plans for a massively multiplayer zombie game for console gamers. Less zombie obsessed readers might find interest in the occasional writings about how the company operates.

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