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Some of the staff have been playing Guild Wars, a Massively Multiplayer On-line Game. The graphics are nice, strangers can't ruin the game for you and there's no monthly fee. The same world later in time is the setting of Guild Wars 2 which has new game mechanics. The ArenaNet Blog has news about both games.
To keep up with all things relating to Guild Wars, there are several unofficial sites we like including Guild Wars Guru and GuildWiki.
Healbot Blues Of the many Guild Wars humor sites, one we particularly like is Healbot Blues.
Ritualist Cosplayer

We occasionally see Guild Wars cosplayers at anime events. Not that this game is an obsession or anything like that, but we've also commissioned some fan art from the MoeGarr group ...

Assassin fan art An Assassin, at peace with the world and a picture of innocence ... for 3 more seconds until her attack chain recharges.
Artist: Cinnie/Gubaba
Elementalist fan art Level 5 Elementalist, pondering her last low level arena loss, holding her Candy Cane Wand and sitting on her Peppermint Shield from Wintersday.
Artist: Lisu
Ritualist fan art Ritualist: "Spirits are up! You may do me the honor of attacking at your earliest convenience."
Artist: HanaNikko

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