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When we discovered the Azumanga Daioh comics, we just had to bring this to people's attention. Written and drawn by Azuma Kiyohiko, Azumanga is a 4-panel comic strip about a bunch of high school girls and some of their teachers. It may not sound like much, but it's extremely funny, and feels like a Japanese Calvin and Hobbes (it's now an anime TV series). So, just like we do for Megumi-Toons, we flattened and wrecked our copies of Azumanga to get some of them translated and posted for you to enjoy each month, and you don't even have to know how to read Japanese! If you like Azumanga and want to read more, please buy the manga itself! Yen Press publishes the US version in English.
 You can also order the 4 original Japanese ones from Animate.
 These comics were translated as a service to anime fans who don't read Japanese before the original US release by ADV Manga, and are in no way meant as an infringement of the copyrights of the original owners.
Jan 1, 2005: If your were in the San Jose area during 2003-04, maybe you were lucky enough to join our showings of the Azumanga anime TV series. Now, the anime is available domestically from SXION23 (Section 23 Films).
Sep 17, 2003: We've (belatedly) put up 2 more strips showing Ousaka's little accomplishments.
July 15, 2003: We have the next 2 strips that show how weak Tomo's grasp of reality can be.
June 22, 2003: 3 new strips are up that show just how childish Yukari can be.
May 31, 2003: We have 3 new strips that show Chiyo-chan at the movies.

Page/StripThe Story...Size
Volume 1 (ISBN4-8402-1467-0)
5b, 6a+bIntroducing Yukari-sensei
Introducing Yukari-sensei, the English teacher.
7a+b, 8aIntroducing Chiyo-chan
Concluding Yukari-sensei's story and introducing Chiyo-chan.
8b, 9a+bChiyo-chan and introducing Sakaki-san
Finish with Chiyo-chan's introduction and bring in a new character, Sakaki-san.
A bit more on Sakaki-san: she's not as tough and aloof as she seems to her classmates.
Takino Tomo is loud, irreverent, and hyperactive. This intro shows what she's like.
12a+b, 13aTomo-chan and Kurosawa-sensei
More on Tomo-chan's competitive nature, and introducing the physical education teacher, Kurosawa-sensei.
14a+b, 15aKurosawa-sensei and Yukari
More on Kurosawa-sensei and her friendly rivalry (or rival-like friendship) with Yukari.
15b, 16aTeeny Chiyo-chan
Even someone as smart as Chiyo-chan can still have problems.
17a+b, 18aSakaki-san and Cats
There's a small problem between Sakaki-san and cats.
18b, 19a+bHyper Tomo and Pet Care
As shown before, Tomo is very energetic. Also, Chiyo and Sakaki's ideal school club.
20a+bTomo's Challenges
Tomo-chan is very competitive, even if there's no way she'll ever win!
23b, 24a+bBratty Teacher
Yukari can be incredibly selfish and childish, and often imposes on others.
25a+b, 26aChiyo-chan at the Movies
Chiyo and her friends go to the movies, and Sakaki-san shows her sensitive side.
28b, 29a+bGirl From Ousaka
A new transfer student (yes, Ousaka-san), and Tomo is sure it's her new rival.
30a+bOusaka Imposter
It's fun to read about the preconceptions Tokyo people have about Ousaka natives.
31b, 32aThe Wedding
Yukari's reaction to a friend's impending wedding says a lot about her.
32b, 33aVideo Games
Yukari likes playing video games, for interesting reasons.
41b, 42a+bGrowing Up
3 strips that show how childish and immature Yukari can be.
46a+bAh Did It
These 2 strips show that the smallest things can be important to Ousaka.
47a+bWatch Out
2 strips that show how ridiculous Tomo can be.

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