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Whether you're number 2 or number 6, one of the reasons you surf the web is probably for information. So here are a number of sites that either present news, general information, or other timely updates about events of current interest.

Wikipedia Wikipedia's huge range of knowledge includes anime. There's even a Fanime page.

News Sites
The Asahi Shimbun The Asahi Shimbun is a published in Japan, English language newspaper. Besides the occasional anime article, it's a good source of news from a non-American perspective.

Electronic magazines or other non-news specific information sites.
Stardate Online If you have any interest in astronomy, this is a good website that tries to provide up-to-date information. They are also carried on a number of radio stations.

Japanese Language Reference
While you can enjoy anime without learning Japanese, knowing a couple words helps.
Moji, Japanese-English dictionary for Firefox Moji is Japanese-English dictionary Firefox extension for helping English speakers understand Japanese web pages.
Jeffrey's Japanese⇔English Dictionary Server For more help understanding Japanese, try Jeffrey's Japanese⇔English Dictionary Server which also has Kanji lookup. We linked to their mirror in San Jose, try another mirror if you are not local.
Furiganizer Another aid for reading Japanese is the Furiganizer (Javascript required). Furigana are smaller kana (Japanese phonetic characters) printed next to Kanji to aid readers. The Furiganizer is a web application that not only adds these to Japanese text but also gives English translations.

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