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Computers are fun! "Computers are fun!"
-- Okinu-chan
   from Ghost Sweeper Mikami
Web Searching
Various sites devoted to helping you search the World Wide Web.

Google Google seems to be the search engine to beat these days. Practically everyone likes it and uses it.
Yahoo! The search engine that started the craze! Try Yahoo! to find what you want.
Lycos Another of the web search sites that's really helpful.

Electronic, on-line versions of many computer industry periodicals or various news sites that may be worth your while.

eWEEK eWEEK, focused on enterprise computing, is a successor to PCWEEK which we liked back in the day.
Infoworld Electric Don't forget to check out the rumor/gossip column by Robert X. Cringely. Sometimes this column alone makes it worth the time to check out Infoworld.
PC Magazine If your worries are more consumer-oriented instead of IS, then you may want to check out this site instead. This is one of the best, or at least the thickest, magazines of its kind, and it usually contains great information.
Slash Dot This is one of the most interesting "news" sites around, because the main contributors to the site are its readers! Definitely a different perspective than most of the mainstream news sites.

General internet- or computer-related sites for programs of interest or sites of what we feel are excellent service providers. Or whatever.

SpamCop If you're as tired of spam as I am, you might want a good way to fight back. Julian Haight's SpamCop service can help you do that. You can get a spam-free mailbox through their subscriber service, or use their form to figure out where a spam came from, and the ISP to report it to. Use is limited unless you pay and subscribe.
SpamAssassin SpamAssassin is spam filter for Linux and similar servers which works well, particularly if one upgrades to the latest version diligently and gives feedback on spam and non-spam for it use with Bayesian learning. (We normally run SpamAssassin from procmail, but don't ask to explain its syntax.)
Stardock Systems If you use OS/2, you owe it to yourself to check out Stardock's software. Their Object Desktop makes the OS/2 desktop even better than it already is. Plus they make some killer games for OS/2. Go check it out right now!
Ad Block

NoScript Firefox Extension
Many of the staff use Firefox as our first choice web browser. In addition to Firefox's built in distraction blocking features, many of us also use the extension Ad Block to eliminate distracting images and flash animations. A minority of the staff isn't satisfied by just Ad Block and additionally uses NoScript to selectively unblock javascript. Both of these are highly configurable so we keep important ads about new anime unblocked.
WikiPatterns Wiki are becoming more and more important. A good site with hints on how to use wiki internally in organizations is Wiki Patterns.

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