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Entertainment Sites
From computer gaming to television and on-stage shows, entertainment is a catch-all category for a number of sites that we feel are important or well-done, or represent things that you should try to see.

Local Coverage
For the really good entertainment, you can't get any better than what we already have here in the Bay Area!
Camera Cinemas
The Camera Cinemas have, for 25+ years, been the premiere venues for foreign, art and independent film in the South Bay. They've always been very anime friendly, and we've seen Laputa, Princess Mononoke, Jin-Roh, and Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust there. So check them out!

Television Shows and Networks
What's entertainment without the TV? So here's a list of TV shows we think are good, and some of the network channels that provide better than average value.

Cartoon Network The Cartoon Network has come a long way since it started. They now have some of the coolest cartoons on TV, including great anime. Home of the Powerpuff Girls and Dexter's Lab, as well as many other great shows.
Sci-Fi Channel What other channel has everything that Sci-Fi does? They did their own Dune series, reran all the Babylon 5's, and have plans for a new Battlestar Galactica!

Comics, Books and Such
The great thing about the web is that you can now find things like some of your favorite comic strips online, too.

Luann One of my favorite comic strips has to be Greg Evan's Luann. Very few other comic strips are as consistently funny as Luann, and still manage to tell good, human stories.
megatokyo megatokyo is an interesting and cool online comic, drawn in a very anime-esque style, complete with a lot of computer- or anime-related in-jokes. We think you'll enjoy this l33t site :)
Baen Free Library A number of the staff like to read science fiction. The Baen Free Library has novels that you can download for free.
When we can't watch anime, we like to listen to related music.
J1 Radio, J-pop music J1 Radio (formerly Hardcore J) is an internet radio station that plays J-pop music. (In Japan, "pop" means American popular music and "J-pop" means the Japanese equivalent.) There is some crossover between J-pop and anime music.
Mari Iijima's website How can you pass up the chance to visit Mari Iijima's web site and email the original voice of Lynn Minmei from the Macross shows? If you had a chance to see her performance at Fanime Con, you'd know how cool she was!
Animephile Animephile is one fan's great reference on music by voice actresses. The creator is a regular Fanime attendee, so he may be familiar to some people.
Animephile Yukie Dong is a Bay Area based anime / vocaloid singer who both performs live and for internet videos. Her other activities include being a maid at FanimeCon's Fanimaid maid cafe and writing a column for the The-O Network Online website.
Other Entertainment
Plays, musicals, operas, book publishers, and other types of entertainment are listed here. If you've never gone to a musical or opera, you may want to try it. These are sometimes the classiest, as well as the best, types of shows you can see.

Cirque du Soleil From taiko drummers in midair to spectacular acrobatics all set to matching, original music, the "Circus of the Sun" is not an ordinary circus. If they're in town, you owe it to yourself to see them at least once.
C'est Si Bon Bakery & Cafe A number of people asked us where we get those great cakes with the anime pictures on them for our anniversary meetings. Well, this is where. This bakery specializes in printing images on cakes and cookies using edible coloring! Great stuff!
Random House Books Random House also includes the companies Del Rey and Ballantine. They publish some excellent books, including some of my favorite novels by Larry Niven.
Tor Books Tor Books publishes a very good line of horror novels, including my all-time favorites, the Necroscope series by British author Brian Lumley, as well as all the new Conan novels.
Yen Press Yen Press is a big publisher of manga and translated Japanese novels in America with titles like Azumanga Daioh, Yotsuba&! and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.
Dark Carnival Bookstore Dark Carnival Bookstore in Berkeley has a huge selection of science fiction and fantasy books. It's the kind of bookstore where you'd expect to see Yomiko Readerman...
Despair, Inc. Stuck at work instead being able to go out and have fun? Maybe you can decorate a wall with a demotivational poster from Despair, Inc.. We wish just wish they would make anime themed goods.

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