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These don't quite fit in the other categories, but we feel they're definitely worth your time to check out.
Local Libraries
Santa Clara Library
Saratoga Library
Milpitas Library
San Jose Library
Many local libraries have anime and manga -- and many youth/teen librarians are quite interested in these. We've held our showing in library community rooms and/or done occasional library programs or talked to librarians about anime or manga at the Saratoga Library, the Milpitas Library, the Santa Teresa Branch branch of the San Jose Library, and the Santa Clara library (teen page). We've also talked to the [San Francisco] Bay Area Young Adult (BAYA) Librarians, which is an organization for teen services librarians from public and school libraries.
Anime Turnpike Arguably one of the best anime resources on the net. We should have had a link to Anime Turnpike up a long time ago! If it's related to anime and it's on the net, they probably have a link to it! If you're a fan of Miyazaki Hayao's works, like Nausicaa, Princess Mononoke, Laputa, and more, then this is the place to go. is the ultimate fan site for all information about Master Miyazaki and his works.
Animé Café The Animé Café is, according to their own page, the "complete source for anime reviews!" It's also nice that they, like us, don't have any ads or distracting banners. Plus, we like the fact that they link to our Megumi-Toons page!
Animesou Animesou is a website specializing in anime DVD reviews, news service, and discussion topics of recent controversies in anime as well as a message board and modest list of Japanese vocabulary.
Anime News Network Another great news site. Most of the staff check this (and ANS, above) for our news these days. You just can't go wrong with them!
Anime on DVD AnimeOnDvd has been absorbed by Mania, but you can still find reviews of anime (both region 1 and 2) and lists of both upcoming releases and already released titles.
Akiko Yagi's page An extremely talented artist. You really owe it to yourself to check out Akiko Yagi's artwork.
The Orange Road homepage If you're a Kimagure Orange Road fan and can't get enough, here's a good place to find out more! Rob also lists other points you can visit, all KOR-related, and condensed it into one easy-to-use any very cool list. Try it!
Hitoshi Doi's anime page Hitoshi Doi's anime page is a great reference about Magical Girl, Shoujo and generally cute anime shows and about voice actors/actresses. If you just have to know the blood-type of a favorite voice actress, this is the place to go.
ICv2 ICv2 is a news site about pop culture products that which includes anime and manga as one its five main topics. It aims to serve retailers, not fans, giving it a different perspective than many news sites.
BentoBoxBobbyTV BentoBoxBobbyTV on YouTube provides video coverage of anime events in the Bay Area and helpful guides such as "How to Survive FanimeCon."
The O-Network Online The O-Network Online is a place to find news about not just anime and manga but also Japanese hobbies, video games, music and movies. Be sure to check their site's convention coverage for exclusive interviews. just launched recently and promises coverage of local conventions and other events.

Sure, anime characters don't always look real people, but sometimes real people look like anime characters. If the cosplayer photographs on our events pages aren't enough, try these links. has a community area, occasional contests, and private photo shoots in addition to convention photos. is the current site by Judy, one of our favorite cosplayers.

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