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Anime Retailers
If you're looking to buy anime here in the United States, then what you want are the anime retailers. These are the places you can actually visit in person so you can carry out your wild shopping sprees.

Anime Jungle Anime Jungle is a pretty cool place that sells and ships high-quality pre-owned DVDs, LDs, CDs, and VHS videos direct from Osaka, Japan. We've heard good things about them, although we haven't tried shopping there yet.
CD Japan In the on-line world, it doesn't matter where a company is based, and CD Japan is a pretty darned cool place to buy anime on-line. The No-Name staff is now buying from CD Japan quite often, as their prices are good, their service is great, and their customer support has been just courteous and fabulous.
Nikaku Animart Nikaku is THE place to go to shop for your anime if you live in the San Jose and San Francisco Bay Area. The staff are friendly and call you on a first name basis, and they've got all kinds of stuff!
Anime 101 The Anime 101 folks have a lot knowledge about manga and trading card games. If you are close to Morgan Hill, Anime 101 is worth visiting often not just as a store but also as a place with tournaments and other special events. For people farther away, their email newsletter is a good way to keep up-to-date.
Anime Palace Many people know Anime Palace from their huge booth at the Fanime dealers room. The permanent home for their huge selection of character goods is in Santa Clara at 2352 Walsh Ave. Turn south into "Santa Clara Commerce Park" at a traffic light and head to Building E. us R&K Comics and Cards R & K Comics & Cards in Sunnyvale (at El Camino Real and Remington, (408) 732-8775) is known online as and has had a big anime rental section for a long time. As a comic book shop, it's probably no surprise that they have manga.
Hobby Link Japan Hobby Link Japan sells figures, models and kits of anime characters and vehicles. We thank Piro at for ranting about HLJ. Visit the JStore at to purchase anime, interact with other anime fans worldwide, and to learn about all the popular series today. They want you to Get Into Anime.
Kinokuniya If you really need to get some manga in the original Japanese, or need some hard-to-find Japanese books, the best place to go is Kinokuniya Books. They have stores in several major cities, including San Jose and San Francisco, and they can also order stuff. What more could you want?
Kimono My House Kimono My House is another great places to buy stuff. (We're sorry that we lost track of their web site for a while.)

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December 26, 2011