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Anime Conventions
A handy list of various anime clubs and conventions you can attend, with a little about what distinguishes each one from the other. These days, there are more conventions that we can keep up with, so try for more info. We also have some more general links to help you meet anime fans.
FanimeCon THE local convention! FanimeCon has sponsored the theatrical premieres of Patlabor 2 and Tenchi Muyo, has grown to filling the entire San Jose Convention Center, and has had guests like Hiroyuki Yamaga of Gainax. Fanime 99 brought Mari Iijima's first anime convention performance ever! This is the real convention designed for fans!
The Fanime Forum isn't an official source of information about No-Name Anime, but is a place where you can chat with some of our attendees and it has a Meetings, Gatherings, and Get Togethers area where there are sometimes threads about No-Name Anime meetings.
Project A-Kon The very first anime convention in the United States started in Texas, it's Project A-Kon. With past guests like the irrepressible Ippongi Bang and extremely cool and fun convention events, if you can make it, do so. And if not, you can at least visit them virtually on the web.
Anime Expo Expo is the older West Coast convention, happening each year in Southern California. They have been known for some really great Guests of Honor and wonderful premieres. Check out their homepage to see what's going on.
Japan's Comic Market Japan's Comic Market is the largest fan conventions of any kind, pulling in a quarter of a million people. Now they have their own homepage, so you don't have to go to Japan to visit them.
Katsucon Katsucon is one of the other great anime conventions, and is probably THE con to attend if you're on the East Coast. In their second year, they managed to snag Mr. Katsura Masakazu, the creator of Video Girl Ai, so you know they're good.
MTAC Known for being the only anime convention in the Tennessee area, the Middle Tennessee Anime Convention, commonly referred to as MTAC, has been growing in success for several years now. With everything from dealers and guests to ramen eating contests, you're bound to have a good time at MTAC.
San Diego Comic Con Well, okay, this isn't exactly an anime convention. But it's one of the largest comic book conventions, and anime plays a good role here. Plus, where else did Ms. Rumiko Takahashi appear a few years ago? San Diego, of course! With upwards of 30,000 people, you probably haven't seen its like before!
SiliCon Another "not exactly an anime convention" is SiliCon which is held in San Jose and is a fundraiser event for diabetes research.

Anime Clubs
These are the clubs you can attend, along with what we think makes each one unique.
Cal Animage Alpha Cal Animage Alpha is one of the best known anime clubs around. With their weekly showings of anime and their contacts, you can't go wrong attending one of their meetings. 
Foothill A.N.I.M.E. Foothill has been around for a long time! And the current incarnation had its first meeting on the same day as No-Name's first meeting! This must have been a sign that our two clubs would be working together! Foothill is a way-cool club, and they show some really awesome anime. Many of the regular No-Name attendees also regularly go to Foothill. Try to stop by!
MIT Anime MIT Anime is the place to go for your anime and for meeting fellow fans in the Boston area. They seem to be well organized, and have a full anime library to boot!
WSU Anime The WSU Anime club is the happening place if you're near the Washington State area. Plus, it was originally co-founded by Trevor who later joined No-Name's staff, so how can it not be cool?
Tsunami at SJSU, a club for anime Tsunami at SJSU is another local club. Non-students can attend. One year at FanimeCon, not content to bring just a digital camera, they setup a color printer and gave cosplayers prints of their photos.
Stanford Anime club The Stanford Anime club is another club that's been around for a long time.
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