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 Last updated Dec. 28, 2001
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The Big Japan Trip
Some of the staff took a trip to Japan at the end of October, and here are the pictures for you to gawk at. Ever wondered if you'll really see sailor-suited students running around in Japan? Wonder if little school kids really wear those bright yellow hats? Curious just what Japan looks like? You can find all that out here!

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Think your cell phone's cool? Look what they've got over there!

A special model/figurine shop in Akihabara.

Typical stores are above or below ground, accessed via narrow and steep stairways.

The underground shopping center at Shinjuku Station.

The Odakyu stores and Shinjuku bus terminal area.

We're off to the airport, on the way home.

Yup, that's a KFC there.

Satellite dish, or Death Star-like beam weapon?

A different view of the locks on the rivers.

The famous Rainbow Bridge.

One of the many, many ferris wheels we saw there.

Ariake, home of the famous comic market (comiket).

Ski Dome. It's big enough for full downhill skiing, all year around!

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