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 Last updated Dec. 28, 2001
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The Big Japan Trip
Some of the staff took a trip to Japan at the end of October, and here are the pictures for you to gawk at. Ever wondered if you'll really see sailor-suited students running around in Japan? Wonder if little school kids really wear those bright yellow hats? Curious just what Japan looks like? You can find all that out here!

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This is what you get for $65 a day in Tokyo.

Finally, the famous Tokyo Tower!

Tokyo Tower lobby. Note the workers wear uniforms, very common there.

Night view from Tokyo Tower.

Night view from Tokyo Tower.

Night view from Tokyo Tower.

Night view from Tokyo Tower.

Night view from Tokyo Tower.

More night views from Tokyo Tower.

More night views from Tokyo Tower.

Definitely enjoying the trip.

The Ochanomizu station.

Different view of Ochanomizu station.

Toei Animation Research? What is that?

Looking out toward Akihabara.

There's even a temple near our hotel!

The other temple near the hotel, complete with yellow-topped kids.

If you can, take the Tokyo Afternoon Tour.

The Tokyo Fish Auction.

We didn't get to go, but this is the kabuki theater.

A friend of a friend's business: Tully's Coffee.

The famous Ginza shopping district.

A view of the Imperial Palace.

We stop (briefly) on Imperial grounds.

Imperial Palace.

Imperial Palace.

The building across from the palace.

And again.

Tokyo Tourist Info Center, with its animated clock.

Asakusa Temple. If you've seen the Tenchi movie, you'll recognize this.

Although they didn't show all the shops in Tenchi.

The actual Asakusa Temple gate.

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