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 Last updated Dec. 28, 2001
No-Name Anime Events
The Big Japan Trip
Some of the staff took a trip to Japan at the end of October, and here are the pictures for you to gawk at. Ever wondered if you'll really see sailor-suited students running around in Japan? Wonder if little school kids really wear those bright yellow hats? Curious just what Japan looks like? You can find all that out here!

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Another view of the station.

The fountain outside the station, with accompanying monk.

Another view outside Nara Station.

One of the many partly open, partly enclosed shopping malls.

Walking down streets in Nara.

More Nara streets.

They really do drive down those narrow alleys.

A neighborhood shrine.

One of the temples there, with its nearby lake.

A better view of the lake.

A shot of the temple.

Let's check out the sign for the lake.

It's another bunch of students!

The deer-inhabited park near Toudaiji Temple.

Don't buy any of the deer senbei (biscuits), or they'll mob you like this!

But Robert takes his chances with them...

The approach to Toudaiji.

Getting closer, and yet more students!

Front entrance of Toudaiji.

Little kids with the bright yellow hats!

Cool statue on the side of the entrance, blocked off to prevent vandalism.

The next doorway to Toudaiji.

Andy & Takagi-san read one of the many signs at Toudaiji Temple.

Those little colored dots are people. This temple is bigger than Godzilla!

Robert trying some of that incense action, with our friendly native guide, Takagi-san.

Warner demonstrates the use of bad contrast in a photo.

Statue inside Toudaiji Temple.

Statue inside Toudaiji Temple.

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