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 Last updated Dec. 28, 2001
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The Big Japan Trip
Some of the staff took a trip to Japan at the end of October, and here are the pictures for you to gawk at. Ever wondered if you'll really see sailor-suited students running around in Japan? Wonder if little school kids really wear those bright yellow hats? Curious just what Japan looks like? You can find all that out here!

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And another view, with more of the top.

A tea ceremony.

A genuine cannon for the castle.

Osaka at night, from the Umeda Sky Building.

A model of the Umeda Sky Building.

That bluish tube is the escalator, which hangs over 20 stories or so.

Another night view, with Osaka Castle in the distance.

Kyoto Tower.

The Astroboy sign near the Osamu Tezuka World was very cool.

The obligatory attached-mall. Very pretty.

Hideya-san checking directions. Hmm... "Porta" Information?

The riverway near the main street in Kyoto.

Here's the main street in Kyoto.

But we'll wander down some side streets instead.

Those side streets can get crowded!

A hotel of some sort, but we're not sure.

Kyoto's famous dessert shop.

We have no idea what any of these are called...

...but they were fabulously delicious.

Not to mention artistic.

And just plain great.

Kyoto, former capitol of Japan, has its share of shrines.

Check it out!

All the shrines have beautiful landscapes around them.

This one's almost 800 years old.

Another building in the same region.

This whole area's packed with shrines and temples.

Purifying water for visitors.

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