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 Last updated Dec. 28, 2001
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The Big Japan Trip
Some of the staff took a trip to Japan at the end of October, and here are the pictures for you to gawk at. Ever wondered if you'll really see sailor-suited students running around in Japan? Wonder if little school kids really wear those bright yellow hats? Curious just what Japan looks like? You can find all that out here!

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There's our ride to the land of the rising sun.

Sure is a long wait to get on the plane.

View from the room at the Osaka Garden Palace.

Another view from the hotel room.

This is what you get for $50 a day in Osaka.

And its adjoining bathroom.

Walking down to the Shin Osaka JR station.

Heavy construction near the Osaka Station.

The ubiquitous First Kitchen restaurant and some sailor-suit students.

Underground mall attached to the JR station.

Chinese restaurant in the underground mall.

The Chinese restaurant from the top.

Map of the mall, showing floors 1, 2, B1 and B2. The place is huge!

They have a used rocket in the mall. Why? We don't know.

Häagen-Dazs crepes?! Only in Japan.

Old style theater near the Namba JR station.

The Namba theater where we saw Spirited Away!

Disc Plaza, one of the many electronics stores there.

Gamers, home of all that is Di Gi Charat!

We called it the Osaka Tower.

The alley leading to Osaka Tower, with its many shops.

A view of the nearby park and zoo from Osaka Tower.

View of Osaka itself from the tower.

View from Osaka Tower.

View from Osaka Tower.

Osaka Tower's observation deck.

Night time in the restaurant area, with the giant, glowing blowfish sign.

Hiro Sushi, the absolute best sushi in the world!

The Nara JR station.

More of Nara station.

Vending machines like these are literally everywhere, always with trash can nearby.

A sign at Nara Station about the mask designs used in Spirited Away.

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