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 Updated June 12, 2011
No-Name Anime Events
FanimeCon 2011 Report and Pictures
This year's FanimeCon again was the biggest ever. A first this year was hotel room key cards featuring FanimeCon art. We saw more cosplayers than we could photograph. robot from Yotsuba FanimeCon art on hotel room key cards
Opening Ceremonies included a representative of the government of Japan accepting origami cranes folded by staff as expression of sympathy for earthquake/tsunami victims. He asked people to visit Japan. Consul General of Japan accepting cranes as an expression of sympathy for tsunami victims
In the last month before the con, an impressive lineup of guests from Japan were announced. We took many pictures of cosplayer/singer/voice actress/producer/songwriter Momoi Halko. Mamoru Yokota Halko Momoi as Feiris Nyannyan from Steins;Gate
In addition to the official music guests, there was singing and dancing by maids, Vocaloids and Angel Hearts. a Fanimaid at Sage Zero Yukie Dong as Vocaloid Miku Hatsune Angel Hearts from IdolM@ster dancing at Stage Zero
The work of making FanimeCon happen is accomplished by close to a thousand unpaid staff and volunteers. We have a couple pictures of staff who dressed in steampunk style in support of this year's theme. steampunk staff
And a final note, yes, there was a zombie invasion. zombie invasion

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