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 Updated July 1, 2008
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Fanime 2003 Writeup
Fanime Con 2003 is over, and we're still putting up the photos we took during the con. And thanks to Ed's diligence, we have literally hundreds of photos from the con.

June 20th - Day 1: Part 1a, Part 1b, Part 1c, Part 1d, Part 1e, Part 1f
Like last year, the first day of the con was actually pretty busy, with a lot of people. Some of this may have been due to the GakuFest of J-rock performers.

June 21st - Day 2: Part 2a, Part 2b, Part 2c, Part 2d, Part 2e, Part 2f
Since we had our meeting during the con, we actually didn't get as much chance to wander the con as we wanted.

June 23st - Day 3: Part 3a, Part 3b, Part 3c
More cosplayers on the third day of the con...

As before, if you see your photo on these pages and would like to be credited, or have corrections for us to make, please send your email with subject "Fanime2K3 pics" to a handwritten email address

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