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 Updated Jul. 28, 2010
No-Name Anime Events
Event: San Diego Comic-Con 2010, Day 5
SDCC Gallery: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5

A nice Buffy figure at the Weta Sideshow booth.

A great, menacing Alien figure at the same place.

With 125,000 attendees, you'd think we could avoid running into Don Yee every year :)

Things From Another World was here. Highly recommended place to shop.

Need a Star Trek uniform?

It's the Nintendo booth, of course.

The Mameshiba booth had various "mamechishiki" (trivia) displayed on its walls.

The bike from the upcoming Priest movie.

Yes, the status is amazing, but so is the fact that it sold... for $20,000!

Kotobukiya brings out their green R2, animated and making sounds.

If they'd had her out from day 1, they would have sold more of the White Phoenix figures.

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