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 Updated Jul. 28, 2010
No-Name Anime Events
Event: San Diego Comic-Con 2010, Day 1
SDCC Gallery: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5

On the road, coming into an unseasonably cool San Diego.

Home away from home for the next few days.

As usual, HBO has covered the entire convention with True Blood ads.

One of the funny True Blood ads.

Yet another funny True Blood ad.

And another True Blood ad.

The new building-sized ads. This one isn't finished yet!

Alien train stop? We never did find out what this was.

That first glimpse of the dealer hall.

First stop: NCsoft and ArenaNet's booth.

Right next to the Rock Band 3 stage. This should get loud.

Yes, this is AFTER they limited the number of attendees for Preview Night.

The Sony booth had LittleBigPlanet 2 on display.

AAA Anime had this nice Saber on display.

The Sony movie booth.

The Fox booth.

Ubisoft's booth, with the sequel to their inexplicably popular Just Dance.

It's Brent Spiner doing autographs!

Sure hope they get paid well. They do this every year.

If you thought the previous Star Trek colognes were funny...

Gentle Giant always has cool stuff at their booth.

Okayyy, it's a giant Na'vi statue.

At the Fox booth, you, too, can climb into a sleep pod from Alien.

Mattel's booth was filled with Pixar tie-ins.

It's Buzz and Woody, but made from Legos!

Kotobukiya brought some nice figures.

More Kotobukiya stuff.

The Marvel booth and what seems to be a giant Asgardian prop.

Acme's booth had this prototype plate. Note the $2000 price!

Weta's Sideshow Collectibles is back in force.

Stan Winston's studio brought some of the things they've created.

A night-time view of our hotel.

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