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 Updated Jul. 28, 2010
No-Name Anime Events
Event: San Diego Comic-Con 2010, Day 4
SDCC Gallery: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5

Yes, it's cosplayers from the Venture Brothers.

Although it seems a little late, the Clash of the Titans had this play area outside.

One side of the line to get into Hall H. Note the distant part where it snakes around.

The other end of the line.

3 kite flyers, flying special V kites.

Wow, excellent costume!

Almost any type of company can be found at SDCC.

Robert getting his (free!) Guild Wars 2 novel signed by Jeff Grubb.

An excellent Hawkwoman costume.

Iron Woman?

Asgardian helmets on display at Marvel.

Oddly enough, the sign in front of the Asgard display is for Captain America.

These cosplayers brought a lot of smiles to everyone.

Wow, how many people even know the Spiral character?

Julie Benz and Michael Chikliss at the No Ordinary Family panel.

Sadly, the Straczynski panel was not as interesting as usual this year.

Front part of line to get into the Guild Wars 2 panel.

Back part of line for Guild Wars 2 panel, it wraps around the corner.

A bunch of the ArenaNet folks waiting for the panel.

The obligatory reverse camera shot from panelists.

A view of SyFy's display in the Gaslamp District.

More ads plastered all over buildings.

And yet more.

And again.

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