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 Last updated July 25, 2001
No-Name Anime Reviews
No-Name's Annual San Diego Comic Con Trip
Look at those crowds! Saturday's always the busiest, and even with the extra room from the new section of the dealers room, it was just wall to wall people. Want more photos?
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Harry Potter shirt
The generic Hogwarts Harry Potter shirt from the WB panel.
Harry Potter shirt
The Gryffindor Harry Potter shirt from the WB panel.
Harry Potter shirt
The Ravenclaw Harry Potter shirt from the WB panel.
Visiting with friends at Horton Plaza.
Same friends, different camera person.
SD Con center
An attendee's view of the enormous San Diego Convention Center.
Another valiant costumer.
Marvel Comics
The Marvel Comics booth.
Another costume. Power Pack?
A pretty good Harry Potter costumed group (who traded a Ravenclaw shirt to us).
The original adventuring couple, sort of.
Phil Foglio
The always excellent Phil Foglio, emceeing the masquerade.
At the WB panel, we saw an extended trailer for the Harry Potter movie, where they gave away probably 1,000 T-shirts. We all got Slytherin shirts (so now you know what kind of people we are)! This was followed by a disappointing New Line panel, where very little new info on Lord of the Rings was shown. On the floor, we saw Weird Al Yankovic being interviewed at one point, which was interesting. Crowds were worse than ever!

Unfortunately, we couldn't get any good masquerade pics, as our camera doesn't handle well without a flash. However, some of the staff took in a great production of Shear Madness at The Theatre in Old Town. If you ever have a chance to catch this play, do it. The audience participation in what's basically a whodunnit makes this really fun.

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