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 Last updated Mar. 30, 2008
No-Name Anime Reviews
No-Name's Annual San Diego Comic Con Trip
The second day of San Diego Comic Con was definitely more crowded, and provided a lot more sights to enjoy, too. Here's a sampling of what we saw:
(Or go to Day 1, Day 3 or Day 4)

View outside hotel
The view outside the front of the hotel.
Robert with chocolate
Robert with one of the Pioneer chocolate bars.
A bunch with great costumes (Troops!)
Dealers room
Dealers room.
Dealers room
Cool dealer: Silver Sword and Stone.
The Time Machine
Warner with the Time Machine replica.
Tokyo Pop
Tokyo Pop's big booth.
Unobtainable goods dealer - Space Above and Beyond suit.
More unobtainables
Unobtainable dealer - the Chigs suit.
Dimension Films
Dimension Films (who were so rude to us 2 years ago).
Cool contest
San Diego Asian Film Festival (prize is Ang Lee-autographed book).
Dealers room
A view of the dealers room from one corner.
Uh, right...
The "Drunk Chicks Rule" shirt, for some friends who'd appreciate it
Weapons dealer
Mr. Conner checking out weapons to help in crowd control at our meetings :)
Important signage
A sign just for Golden and Silver Age comics.
Great anime prints
The Anime Art of John Medeiros Jr., they always have these great anime prints.
Food and drinks
The all-important eats!
Nippon Books
Conner (and friend) at the Nippon Books booth.
Conner giving Toynami's Robotech toys a good close look.
That's a sign!
Now that's a convention sign!
Nichibei Anime
Our friends at Nichibei Anime.
Sen to Chihiro toys
Heck, they already have Sen To Chihiro toys!
Kinokuniya Books
Kinokuniya Stores, where Love Hina is very popular.
Urban Vision
Urban Vision and Vampire Hunter D PR.
Tokyo Pop Shop
Tokyo Pop Shop (they have 2 booths).
Kevin Smith's View Askew
Kevin Smith's View Askew booth.
Omocha Box
It's the folks from Omocha Box.
Dark Horse Comics
Dark Horse Comics.
Antarctic Press
It's Ben Dunn!
Too Much Coffe Man
It's a little animated Too Much Coffee Man figure that shakes!
Central Park Media.
Suncoast and ADV share a booth, as usual.
Comics distribution giant Diamond.
Pioneer's booth (Oh! My Goddess movie probably in November).
Pioneer 2
A quick scene from Armitage: Dual Matrix.
DC Comics
DC Comics.
Warp Graphics
Warp Graphics - home of Elfquest.
Decipher has a Lord of the Rings trading card game.
Under the sails
The autograph lines under the sails.
The Bandai booth
The Bandai/Anime Village booth.
Don't kill the poor guy!
Viz Communications.
Fewture Models
A great pewter Faye Valentine, avail. Q4 2001/Q1 2002, for less than $200.
DBZ Hummer
A Dragon Ball Z hummer?!?
Giant Robot
Giant Robot magazine.
Stan Sakai
It's Stan Sakai - Usagi Yojimbo lives.
Straight from Japan, ArtFX.
ArtFX took up 2 sides of the aisle.
Palisades Toys
Palisades Toys' figurine of Armitage.
Panel rooms
All the panel rooms are down this hall.
It's Elvira!
Cassandra Petersen, aka Elvira.
Quickbeam and Tookish from TORN, plus Richard Taylor from WETA.
We also saw actor Brent Spiner in the dealers room, after his panel, as well as the English voices for Bulma and Krillin at the Palisades booth (with the DBZ Hummer).

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