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 Last updated Jul. 3, 2008
No-Name Anime Reviews
No-Name's Annual San Diego Comic Con Trip
Talk about crowds! The third day of San Diego Comic Con was so packed, and it's not even the busiest day yet! Here's some photos of it:
(Or go to Day 1, Day 2 or Day 4)

Pioneer gave out anime-themed chocolates, which were snapped up very quickly.
Ghostbuster, Stormtrooper
A Ghostbuster with a Stormtrooper?
The art show
It's the art show.
The art show
More of the art show.
Toycom booth
The Toycom booth.
Sobe is here
Why is Sobe (the drink) here with X-Boxes?
SciFi Channel
The SciFi Channel booth.
The FUNimation booth.
An Armitage bust in the Toynami booth.
Synch Point
Synch Point (the Dejiko audition people).
The Animetrix booth.
Anime Link
The Anime Link booth.
The Guilstein booth
Simon Wells
Simon Wells at the Time Machine display.
The Media Blasters display.
Great bunch of costumers!
Get your posters here!
Wiggling Buttercups
Wiggling Buttercup toys, which are just too weird.
Even at SDCC, you can't get away from Starbucks!
It's Faye
Faye Valentine at Anime Pavilion.
Carl Gustav Horn
It's Carl Horn at Viz.
Manga Ent
Manga Entertainment booth.
More great costumes
Hmm, a really bizarre costume
Kevin Smith line
The start of the line for the Kevin Smith panel...
Kevin Smith line
The end of the line for the Kevin Smith panel.
Convention plans
Convention center diagram, the red line is the Kevin Smith line, the left half is under construction.
2 Darths
2 very good Darth costumes.
Inkworks booth, next to Viz.
Voltaire, creator of SciFi's Chi-Chian net animation, signing autographs.
Chimera Publishing
The extremely excellent Chimera Publishing!
Laputa model
Unobtainables' Laputa model.
Han and Leia
Han and Leia costumes.
The new glowing, indestructible lightsabers.
Freedom Force
The Freedom Force game.
Troma Films
No SDCC is complete without Troma Films.
A costumer
Another costumer.
Booth person :)
The ubiquitous booth babe.
An old college acquaintance, the only person we know who's been on a comic book cover.
Monkey Punch!
It's Monkey Punch, doing PR for Guilstein.
This day, we saw Simon Wells at the Dreamworks booth (talking about Time Machine). We also shopped for giveaway items, and were shocked at the prices of cels (up to $4,000!), and ran into some No-Name attendees as well.

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