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 Updated June 4, 2012
No-Name Anime Events
FanimeCon 2012 Report and Pictures
In 2012, FanimeCon had anime themed events in and around the San Jose Convention Center, spread out as far as the Fairmont hotel. Also, new for this year, there were Steampunk events at the DoubleTree Hotel near the San Jose Airport. In total, nine official convention hotels housed attendees. FanimeCon 2012
This year's theme was "sports" and this was reflected in the Opening Ceremonies where GAINAX's Hiroyuki Yamaga threw the ceremonial first pitch. In addition to Hiroyuki Yamaga and Shigeto Koyama from anime studio GAINAX, the other guests from Japan were character designer, producer and director Mamoru Yokota, mangaka and illustrator Kia Asamiya, voice actress and singer Mai Aizawa and singer Igaguri Chiba. FanimeCon 2012 Opening Ceremonies FanimeCon 2012 Guests
At Stage Zero in the center of the Convention Center, there was singing and dancing at Fanimaid Live on Saturday and Sunday, followed by more dancing by Angel Hearts on Monday. One of our staff even joined the Yukie Squad to support singer/lyricist Yukie Dong. Fanimaid Live at FanimeCon 2012 Angel Hearts from IdolM@ster dancing at Stage Zero singer/lyricist Yukie Dong with Yukie Squad members
We saw many, many cosplayers but we've given up trying to photograph more than a few of them. FanimeCon always has multiple things going on, so it's certain that we've missed covering many things. For more information about FanimeCon, see FanimeCon 2012 cosplayers

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