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 Updated Dec. 29, 2010
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Halko Momoi at FanimeCon 2009
This page is to celebrate Halko Momoi appearance at FanimeCon in 2009. The emphasis her is not on her as a musician or voice actress, but as a pro at doing live events. Unlike most other No-Name event reports, this page has many links to media on other sites. We thank the creators of this media and hope they don't mind that our links. Comments? Email us with subject "Momoi at Fanime2K9" at a handwritten email address

LOVE.EXE from her concert has great fan interaction. A number of her fans from the audience were allowed to go on stage. The people ranged from locals to people from the East Coast and Japan. Most had been at other Momoi live events but at least one just became a serious fan earlier this weekend. Fans at Momoi's events are encouraged to wave glowsticks to the music. At the start Momoi tells everyone to use ultra orange glowsticks for this song. During the song, Momoi leaves the stage and sings and dances around most of the audience. When she's almost back to the stage, she reverses course and pauses in front of a guy who is known as her first American fan.

Momoi's Akihabara (the electronics goods shopping district in Tokyo) roots allow her to fit in with technology oriented Silicon Valley anime fans. Momoi went to the Computer History Museum and posted about it on her blog which was translated by a fan. Her "BeOS sure is nostalgic!" comment is related to a BeOS User group meeting (photo) about a decade ago.

Momoi connected with the current fans of her kind of music. Some of FanimeCon's volunteer staff, the Maid Cafe staff, decided to hold a karaoke show and invite Momoi. The first song Akihaba Love was originally by Perfume and DJ Momo-i (produced by Momoi). Momoi is in the front row. She's dressed as Anise Tatlin, a character she voices from Tales of the Abyss. She has yellow hair ribbons, white gloves and glowsticks. After about three and a half minutes of sitting while waving glowsticks, she gets up to dance in front of the stage with the maids.

Later in the show, Jun-chan, the leader of the maids, sings karaoke to Momoi's song Saigo no Rock. Momoi joins Jun-chan on stage and dances.

At Momoi's concert the next day, Jun-chan is the MC. Momoi calls Jun-chan up on stage and has her sing the opening vocals to Saigo no Rock while Momoi's band from Tokyo plays. Later in the song, she has the fans come on stage who remain there for LOVE.EXE.

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