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 Updated Dec. 29, 2010
No-Name Anime Events
FanimeCon 2009 Report and Pictures
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The first stop for FanimeCon attendees is Registration. For those who remember olden times when Registration was run by No-Name Anime and used a table and a couple clip boards, it is amazing to see so many staffers in the formal convention center booths. Also amazing was how on Friday, a work day, the FanimeCon crowd dominated the blocks around the convention center.
Registration at FanimeCon panel for local fans panel for local fans

ININ from the Anime Fans over 30 panel
For many of us, the most important thing to do at FanimeCon is to hang out with other fans.

On Saturday, a half dozen of us went to the Local Bay Area Anime Fans panel to intimidate impress welcome the organizers from the fan community web site. They did a great job of bringing together people wanting to connect with other fans.

Saturday was also the day we met No-Name Anime regulars for our bonus "frequent viewer card" stamping. Next a group of us went to lunch at Original Joes.

On the last day of the con, cosplayer ININ (dressed as Haku from Spirited Away) and Guest of Honor Jonathan Osborne hosted the Anime Fans Over 30 panel. Most of the discussion centered on exploring exactly why we liked anime. Our thanks to ININ for helping to promote No-Name anime at the start of the panel.

We hope that we'll see some of the attendees of these two panels at more activities in 2009. We'll be especially happy if they join us at a No-Name Anime showing.
At No-Name Anime meetings, we've shown Code-E and Bottle Fairy so all attendees were at least minimally aware of Guest of Honor Halko Momoi. But when CatsSpat (of Animephile web site fame) told us that he'd 100% devote himself to Momoi's FanimeCon appearance, we started to understand that Momoi was not just another voice actress. We next learned about the "Calls" that her fans perform during her concert. So by the time of her first FanimeCon panel, we were somewhat prepared. But the amount of energy she brought to her first panel was amazing. Whether answering questions at panels, signing tirelessly at autograph sessions or circling the Civic Auditorium floor during one of concert songs, she had amazing interaction with her fans. And she fit in incredibly well with the other fans when joining other cosplayers for photos and dancing at Stage Zero. We've collected more links and YouTube videos about Halko Momoi at Fanime. Halko Momoi at FanimeCon   Halko Momoi at FanimeCon
Halko Momoi at FanimeCon   Halko Momoi at FanimeCon
Halko Momoi at FanimeCon   Halko Momoi at FanimeCon
Halko Momoi at FanimeCon   Halko Momoi at FanimeCon
Halko Momoi at FanimeCon   Halko Momoi at FanimeCon
For thoroughness we walked every aisle in Artist Alley and the Dealers Room. Finally, every FanimeCon report needs to have cosplayer photos.

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