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 Updated June 6, 2008
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FanimeCon 2008 Pictures Index
This year, as we do every year, we attended FanimeCon and took some pictures.

As always, if you see your photo on these pages and would like to be credited, or have corrections for us to make, please send your email with a subject of "Fanime2K8 pics" to a handwritten email address


Pictures of cosplayers or people dressed in Tokyo Street style.


Karaoke with Hidenobu KIUCHI
Prince of Tennis voice actor Hidenobu KIUCHI was the judge at a Karaoke Contest where contestants sang songs from this show.

Want more pictures? Try Litterbox at or Bay Area Sports Drive Magazine. Plus here's a couple bonus pictures...

6:45am reg line   Friday swap meet

To give an idea of how big FanimeCon has grown, the photo above is of people in the registration line on Friday at about 6:45am!

The swap meet on Friday night had a huge amount of people (above right and right).

In an attempt to fit in with the cool kids, one of our staff requested a Fanime Forums badge (below). At least the badge is cool... Thanks Suspi and Tsubasa!

Fanime Forums badge

Friday swap meet

P.S. If you're local to the FanimeCon area, please join us for our free monthly anime showings.

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