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 Updated June 6, 2008
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Coverage: FanimeCon 2008 Pictures Cosplay Pictures
Pictures of cosplayers or people dressed in Tokyo Street style.

Want to be credited, or have a correction for us or don't want your picture on-line? Email us with subject "Fanime2K8 pics" at a handwritten email address

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cosplayer cosplayer cosplayer cosplayer
cosplayer and Faye Valentine cosplayer Haruhi and Mikuru
Haruhi and Mikuru
cosplayer cosplayers Lina Inverse
Lina Inverse with fireball ready
Lupin III
Lupin III
cosplayer famous ninjas
famous ninjas -- but you may have to think for minute to figure out who
cosplayer cosplayers
cosplayer Lt. Hawkeye
Lt. Hawkeye
cosplayers cosplayer
cosplayer cosplayer cosplayer
Cosplayer ININ
cosplayers cosplayer cosplayers
cosplayers cosplayer Tsukasa
Goury and Lina
Goury and Lina
cosplayers Mikuru Asahina
Mikuru Asahina
cosplayer cosplayer
cosplayer cosplayer cosplayers cosplayer
cosplayers cosplayer

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