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August 10th Meeting

It's tough to be young, especially for the characters in this month's anime! Wise wolf Holo encounters a group of youngsters, Kino journeys to countries that lost children to war, Naota suffers from FLCL, and Shinichi Kudo closes another case trapped in the body of an elementary school child.

Showings are presented in Japanese language audio with English subtitles and are suggested for ages 13 and over unless otherwise specified. Starting times are approximate: Come early! No-Name Anime meetings are presented in and co-sponsored by the Santa Clara City Central Park Library. Many thanks to the library for hosting our meetings! This month, we're in the Cedar Room. Just follow the signs!

12:00 Spice and Wolf #12 (TV-14)
(Subtitled, Feudal Finance Fantasy)
"Wolf and a Group of Youngsters" - In an attempt to repay a debt, Merchant Craft Lawrence and wise wolf Holo strike a deal with Lemerio Trading to team up with shepherd Nora Arendt and smuggle gold into Lamtra.
— Subtitled by A.D.Vision

12:30 Kino's Journey #12
(Subtitled, Slice-of-Life Adventures)
"A Peaceful Land" - Traveler Kino and motorrad Hermes explore a beautiful and ugly world. This time, they learn the secret of peace from two flourishing rival countries.
— Subtitled by FUNimation Entertainment

12:55 FLCL #4 (TV-14)
(Subtitled, Surreal Sci-Fi Escapades)
"Furi Kiri" - Nicknamed Takkun by his brother's ex-girlfriend, Naota Nadaba is having a difficult adolescence in the absence of his older brother, who went to play baseball in America. Naota must learn to swing the bat before he can hit a home run - something his "housekeeper", Haruko Haruhara, already does very well.
— Subtitled by Synch-Point

13:25 Squid Girl #11
(Subtitled, Sea of Sci-Fi Silliness)
"Why Is the Doll So Fishy?" / "Why So Susfishous?" / "Want To Gill Up the Mountain?" - Squid Girl encounters a creepy doll. Cindy Campbell investigates Chizuru Aizawa. Squid Girl goes on her first mountaineering experience.
— Subtitled by Anime Works

13:50 Abunai! Break time!
The United Nations’ International Youth Day is annually held on August 12 to celebrate the achievements of the world’s youth and to encourage their participation in enhancing society.

14:40 Case Closed Movie 2: The Fourteenth Target
(Subtitled, Murder Mystery)
High school detective Shinichi Kudo was poisoned in a way that gave him the body of a 6-year-old boy, and now he (with the help of his school friends and Professor Agasa) secretly helps Detective Kogoro Mori solve crimes. This time, a serial killer targets people connected to Detective Mori, and Conan must deal with the killer before he loses a member of his host family.
— Subtitled by FUNimation Entertainment

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August 07, 2013