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June 11th Meeting

June is named after Juno, the goddess of marriages, so this month, we celebrate people getting together: Lupin gets together with Jigen, Fujiko, and Goemon; the Muroe High kendo team might get together with a new member in Bamboo Blade; Fuu, Jin, and Mugen split and get together again in Samurai Champloo; and Googoo gets back to Witch Kingdom in Tweeny Witches.

Showings are presented in Japanese language audio with English subtitles and are suggested for ages 13 and over unless otherwise specified. Starting times are approximate: Come early! No-Name Anime meetings are presented in and co-sponsored by the Santa Clara City Central Park Library. Many thanks to the library for hosting our meetings! This month, we're in the Cedar Room. Just follow the signs!

12:00 Tweeny Witches - Storm and Stress
(Subtitled, Fantasy)
In the 6th of the standalone OAVs, the legendary traveling fairy named Googoo visits only once every couple hundred years, and it's hungry!
— Subtitled by Anime Works

12:30 Samurai Champloo - Lullabies of the Lost (16+)
(Subtitled, Samurai Slapstick)
The girl Fuu is determined to find the samurai who smells of sunflowers; but after being told she has no sex appeal, she storms off in a huff, leaving traveling companions Mugen and Jin to go their separate ways. While on their different paths, each of them narrowly avoids death in seemingly unrelated circumstances; but fate has a way of pulling the individual threads back together in the end. This arc contains episodes #16-17.
— Subtitled by Geneon Entertainment

13:25 Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok #18
(Subtitled, Mythical Mayhem)
"The Seven-Colored Detective Appears!" - Loki runs the Enjaku Detective Agency with sidekick Yamino and mystery-loving Mayura. One quiet day, they receive a mysterious request for help with a house haunted by frightening laughter. From the evil aura on the letter, Loki knows it's a trap from Urd. None of them know the form of Urd's curse or how she plans to kill him.
— Subtitled by ADV Films

13:50 Abunai! Break time!
Welcome to those coming for the first time! We try to show an interesting blend of ongoing material along with one-shot shows. As we wrap up another series, we look forward to getting input from people about which shows to start next. Please let us know if you have a show you believe others will enjoy or if there is an anime title you would like to see.

14:40 Lupin the 3rd - Episode #0: The First Contact
(Subtitled, Comedy Action)
Infamous thief Lupin the 3rd has had many adventures over the years with Jigen, Goemon, and Fujiko. Find out how they all met, as we celebrate 40 years of hilarious hijinks with the whole Lupin gang!
— Subtitled by Discotec Media

16:15 Bamboo Blade #11
(Subtitled, Kendo Comedy)
"Animation and Dreams" - Sensei Toraji Ishida, Muroe High's kendo coach, has four girls on his team: captain Kirino, aspiring creative Saya, two-faced Miya-miya, and kendo prodigy Tama-chan. The team needs five girls to compete, and Kirino has an idea about how to get their fifth member.
— Subtitled by FUNimation Entertainment

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June 06, 2011