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February 12th Meeting

Love is in the air—or on the moon. Ai (whose name means "love") shares her opinions about love in Planetes, Mayura's shrine hosts a wedding on Loki, Mugen tries to make love in Samurai Champloo, and Tama-chan gets a job to support her love of anime in Bamboo Blade.

Showings are presented in Japanese language audio with English subtitles and are suggested for ages 13 and over unless otherwise specified. Starting times are approximate: Come early! No-Name Anime meetings are presented in and co-sponsored by the Santa Clara City Central Park Library. Many thanks to the library for hosting our meetings! This month, we're in the Redwood Room. Just follow the signs!

12:00 Twelve Kingdoms #36-37
(Subtitled, Fantasy)
"Great Distance in the Wind, Sky at Dawn, Chapter 13-14" - The rebels in the town of Shisui are trying to get rid of their evil town magistrate, Shoukou, and they mount an attack on Shoukou's safe house in Takuhou. In the meantime, the rebels in Meikaku try to take advantage of the situation to expose the corrupt provincial lord, Gahou.
— Subtitled by Anime Works

12:55 Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok #16
(Subtitled, Mythical Mayhem)
"Bell of Evil" - Loki runs the Enjaku Detective Agency with sidekick Yamino and mystery-loving Mayura. When Mayura's shrine hosts the wedding of another mystery-loving friend, Loki becomes concerned that Verdandi's ominous prophecy refers to the wedding.
— Subtitled by ADV Films

13:25 Tweeny Witches OAV #3
(Subtitled, Fantasy)
"The Ice Witch and the Dragon of Fire and Ice" - Grand Master Gana tells Arusu and her friends a story from Witch Heaven's history.
— Subtitled by Anime Works

13:50 Abunai! Break time!
Thank you to everybody who filled out a feedback form last month. We read through the feedback, and Yozakura Quartet wins the slot. We hope you enjoy the series!

14:40 Planetes #24
(Subtitled, Science Fiction)
"Love" - Terrorists have set the huge Von Braun spaceship on a collision course with the largest city on the moon. Hero Hachimaki wrestles with terrorist Hakim, Lucie hits it off with Colin, and Ai talks to Claire about love.
— Subtitled by Bandai Entertainment

15:05 Samurai Champloo #15 (16+)
(Subtitled, Samurai Slapstick)
"Bogus Booty" - Fuu is somewhat trying to find the samurai who smells of sunflowers, but her samurai traveling companions are even less focused on the quest than she is. After finding some money, Mugen enjoys a night with a beautiful woman in the red light district.
— Subtitled by Geneon Entertainment

15:35 Yozakura Quartet #2
(Subtitled, Fantasy)
"What's Your Name?" - The city of Sakurashin relies on the "Tuning" power of humans from the Hiizumi family to send disruptive demons to the other world. Akina Hiizumi has inherited this power, but such a power isn't always popular with demons.
— Subtitled by Sentai Filmworks

16:00 Bamboo Blade #8
(Subtitled, Kendo Comedy)
"Tama and Part-time Work" - Muroe High's kendo prodigy, Tama-chan, is an avid anime fan, so when the 46-episode set of Material Puzzle comes out on DVD, she has to have it. Unfortunately, her piggy bank falls short, and Tama-chan must acquire new skills to get what she wants.
— Subtitled by FUNimation Entertainment

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February 06, 2011