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November 8th Meeting

Elect to join us for some great anime! This month, in Pet Shop of Horrors, a potential President of the United States buys his campaign strategy from Count D. For the new series, we nominated Tactics, a comic fantasy about Japanese folklore. And, as usual, we'll have more D'Eon, GitS, Fate/Stay Night, Code-E, Human Crossing, Rumiko Takahashi Theater, and Strawberry Marshmallow.

As always, many thanks to the Santa Clara City Library for hosting our meetings. This month, we're in the Cedar room, which is the one closer to the restrooms.

All times are approximate, so try to be early!
*Content of some shows NOT appropriate for all audiences!

12:30 Le Chevalier D'Eon #18 *
(Subtitled, Supernatural Intrigue)
"The New World" - Lia demonstrates the power of the Royal Psalms in the battle on the bridge against the Gargoyles and Poets. The four knights must recover the Royal Psalms from the Poet Dashwood. Back in France, Madam Pompadour wants to start a war with England.
— Subtitled by ADV Films

12:55 Ghost in the Shell SAC 2nd Gig #23 *
(Subtitled, Sci-Fi / Cyber-Action)
"Martial Law" - With the SDF Army set to mobilize for the Dejima refugee district in one hour, the Major must figure out how to use the plutonium she snatched from Nagasaki.
— Subtitled by Bandai Entertainment

13:25 Fate/Stay Night #18 *
(Subtitled, Fantasy / Drama)
"Decisive Battle" - Sakura is taken by Caster to Ryudou Temple to be a human sacrifice to summon the Holy Grail. For Shirou's party, Caster has prepared an impressive (and deadly) welcome, which includes a rematch between Assassin and Saber.
— Subtitled by Geneon Animation

13:55 Strawberry Marshmallow #11 *
(Subtitled, Random Comedic Cuteness)
"First Snow" - Serious Chika tries to do homework while the others play. When Nobue comes home all wet and cold, the gas is out, so the group visits a public bath seeking warm water.
— Subtitled by Geneon Animation

14:20 Abunai! Break time!
You're at liberty to elect whatever you want to do during break, including polling other members about their taste in anime, or debating your favorite topics.

15:10 Rumiko Takahashi Anthology #4
(Subtitled, Slice of Life Comic Drama)
"In a Pot" - A woman allegedly loses her husband and mother-in-law to a car accident, but her neighbors suspect the truth might be worse. Can their horrible gossip be true?
— Subtitled by Geneon Animation

15:40 Pet Shop of Horrors #4 *
(Subtitled, Horror)
"Dual" - Count D runs a shop in Chinatown selling hopes and dreams in the form of unusual pets with strict care requirements, but with a pet from D's store, even the next President of the United States has to be careful what he wishes for, or it could be the end of the country as we know it.
— Subtitled by Urban Vision Entertainment

16:10 Tactics #1
(Subtitled, Comic Fantasy)
"The Black Goblin Awakens" - Kantaro Ichinomiya is a folklore researcher and struggling author. Modernization has not yet driven away the all spirits and monsters from Japan, so Kantaro also works as an exorcist to make ends meet. In this episode, Kantaro investigates a young man encased in ice by a demon while also chasing his childhood goal of finding the demon-eating goblin.
— Subtitled by Manga Entertainment

16:40 Human Crossing #10 *
(Subtitled, Slice of Life Drama)
"City" - This episode is set in the city of Paris. Two artists meet, fall in love, and marry. But can love survive when money gets in the way?
— Subtitled by Geneon Animation

17:10 Code E #4
(Subtitled, Romantic Sci-Fi Comedy)
"About Secrets and Idiots" - Chinami Ebihara is a school girl who emits EM waves that interfere with everyday electronics. Kotaro Kannagi is the classmate who wants to research her ability. However, his childhood friend, Sonomi Kujo, is interested in spending more time with Kannagi. Meanwhile, two strange foreigners enter the scene.
— Fansubbed

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