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October 11th Meeting

During Halloween, children appear as vicious monsters. To get people into the spirit, the first episode of Pet Shop of Horrors tells the tale of a monster with the appearance of an angelic child, the Dirty Pair is sent after terrorist children, and the Strawberry Marshmallow girls are up to their usual mischief. On the other side, Human Crossing and Rumiko Takahashi Anthology both portray problematic parents.

As always, many thanks to the Santa Clara City Library for hosting our meetings. This month, we're in the Cedar room, which is the one closer to the restrooms.

All times are approximate, so try to be early!
*Content of some shows NOT appropriate for all audiences!

12:30 Le Chevalier D'Eon #17 *
(Subtitled, Supernatural Intrigue)
"Medmenham Abbey" - D'Eon learns that Comte de Sainte-Germain is behind the Revolutionary Brethren. The woman who is both the Queen and the Queen's sister arranges for the temporary release of Durand, allowing the four knights to continue their fight.
— Subtitled by ADV Films

12:55 Ghost in the Shell SAC 2nd Gig #22 *
(Subtitled, Sci-Fi / Cyber-Action)
"Reversal" - The entire city of Nagasaki is evacuated due to the alleged discovery of an unexploded tactical nuclear bomb. The truth involves a plot by the Cabinet Intelligence Service to trigger an SDF Army invasion of Dejima.
— Subtitled by Bandai Entertainment

13:25 Fate/Stay Night #17 *
(Subtitled, Fantasy / Drama)
"Mark of the Witch" - Learn more about Saber's past and a choice she regrets from her original life. Also, now that Illya and Berserker have been defeated, it's time to meet the next enemies and see what plans they have for obtaining the Holy Grail.
— Subtitled by Geneon Animation

13:55 Strawberry Marshmallow #10 *
(Subtitled, Random Comedic Cuteness)
"Flower" - Autumn is in full swing. Nobue spontaneously takes the time to stop and smell the flowers on this peaceful day. Meanwhile, the world gets sleepier... and sleepier...
— Subtitled by Geneon Animation

14:20 Abunai! Break time!
Free your inner child, and have fun during break!

15:10 Human Crossing #9
(Subtitled, Slice of Life Drama)
"The Smile" - A salaryman finally builds the home of his dreams in the suburbs when an old lady shows up and decides to call herself his mother.
— Subtitled by Geneon Animation

15:40 Pet Shop of Horrors #1
(Subtitled, Horror)
"Daughter" - Count D runs a shop in Chinatown selling hopes and dreams in the form of unusual pets with strict care requirements. When a young lady dies, the mother is heartbroken, and the father asks Count D for a pet to deal with the loss.
— Subtitled by Urban Vision Entertainment

16:10 Rumiko Takahashi Anthology #3
(Subtitled, Slice of Life Comic Drama)
"Middle-Aged Teen" - A married salaryman is in the process of transferring to Hokkaido, but he ends up with amnesia and an obsession with a cute high school girl. Does she know how he lost his memory?
— Subtitled by Geneon Animation

16:40 Dirty Pair OAV #4
(Subtitled, Sci-Fi, Old School Girls with Guns)
The well-armed Battle Hackers have seized a military base guarding a super weapon. Kei and Yuri, 3WA's most feared Trouble Consultants, would normally have no qualms about defeating them, "But They're Only Children!"
— Subtitled by ADV Films

17:10 Code-E #3
(Subtitled, Romantic Sci-Fi Comedy)
"About Electromagnetic Waves and Research" - Chinami agreed to let Kotaro to use her body for scientific research, but was it a good idea to trust such an oblivious aspiring scientist? After all, how could he not notice the effects that his childhood friend has on his test subject?
— Fansubbed

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