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By an amazing coincidence, our meeting happens to fall on Bodhi Day this year. Bodhi Day is a Buddhist holiday that commemorates reaching Enlightenment, and we are adding a few episodes of Mini-Goddess to the schedule, including one about Buddha.
Also, to celebrate the season, the Santa Clara City Library has graciously allowed us to have cake in the viewing room.
Please remember to bring your frequent viewer cards to the raffle. This is the last meeting of the year, which means that it is finally time to put the cards to use!

All times are approximate, so try to be early!
*Content of some shows NOT appropriate for all audiences!
12:30 Le Chevalier D'Eon #7*
(Subtitled, Supernatural intrigue)
"Gargoyles" - D'Eon and the three knights enter Russia to track down the missing Royal Psalms before they can be used for evil. Opposing them is an alchemist, a poet, and gargoyles.
---Subbed by ADV Films
12:55 Ghost in the Shell: 2nd Gig #12*
(Subtitled, Sci-fi/Cyber-action)
"Selecon" - Borma dives into Kawashima's memories to test the assumption that the Individual Eleven are triggered by a virus. The next move by Kuze, the man who attacked the Prime Minister, is revealed.
---Subbed by Bandai Entertainment
13:25 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya #8? #7? #6!*
(Subtitled, Sci-fi/Comedy)
"Mysterique Sign" - Normal school clubs (ones without alien, time traveling, or ESPer members) take a break during exams, but Haruhi's SOS-dan is busy updating the club's web site and searching for a missing student. Be sure that, if Haruhi is involved, the fate of the world is at stake!
---Subbed by Bandai Entertainment
13:50 Fate/Stay Night #7*
(Subtitled, Fantasy/Drama)
"Despicable Acts" - Shirou has many troubles: Sakura is unhappy with the presence of Saber and Rin. Saber is not happy that he allied with Rin without consulting her and that he fought the Servant Rider without summoning her. Rin is being her usual manipulative self. Finally, the vicious magical barrier at school is preparing for the enemy's next attack.
---Subbed by Geneon Animation
14:15 The Adventures of Mini-Goddess #20
(Subtitled, Parody and Comedy in a Convenient Mini Size)
"Gan-chan's Magnificent Days" - Rats are the greatest! (At least according Gan-chan the Rat.) Transform yourself to mini size and join Mini-Goddess Urd as she learns about Gan-chan's life when he is not troubled by the Goddesses.
---Subbed by Geneon Animation
14:25 Abunai! Break time!
In celebration of all the winter holidays, and there will be cake and a raffle in which everybody wins! Don't forget to bring your frequent viewer cards to increase your chance of winning a bigger raffle prize!
15:30 Zero no Tsukaima #9*
(Subtitled, Comedy/Magic)
"Louise's Change of Heart" - What's a little accidental poisoning between friends? Well, it might be a jail term or a one-sided relationship. Forced to fix the mistake brought about by the illegal potion, Saito and the merry band must travel to find the only antidote. What will they have to go through, and what price will they ultimately have to pay to get the needed remedy?
15:55 Human Crossing #4
(Subtitled, Drama)
"Direction" - Two grown siblings raised by a negligent father argue over who has to take care of the old man, who only stops playing video games long enough to hit other people's children. Are his children doomed to repeat his mistakes, or will people learn and change directions?
---Subbed by Geneon Animation
16:20 The Adventures of Mini-Goddess #21
(Subtitled, Parody and Comedy in a Convenient Mini Size)
"Ah, My Buddha!" - Keiichi and Belldandy happen to live in a Buddhist temple, but this excuse for a large rent-free dwelling does not normally enter into the plot. This changes when Mini-Goddess Urd brings a Buddhist statue to life, and it decides that the three Mini-Goddesses and Gan-chan the Rat should be its disciples.
---Subbed by Geneon Animation
16:30 Rozen Maiden #11
(Subtitled, Fantasy)
"Destiny" - The two strongest sisters are dueling in the N-Field, and Suigintou starts by sealing Shinku's medium in a dream woven from his fears and regrets. Can Nori and the other Rozen Maidens help Jun wake up from his personal nightmare in time to save Shinku?
---Subbed by Geneon Animation
16:55 Strawberry Marshmallow #2*
(Subtitled, Cute Fantasy)
"Ana" - Another strawberry girl is coming, and this one is from England. Ana's debut at her last school was embarrassing, so she wants to improve this time, but does that lead her to make an even worse mistake?
---Subbed by Geneon Animation
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