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Since a lot of people these days haven't seen it, we're going to show Urusei Yatsura: Beautiful Dreamer, the 2nd movie. Very existential stuff, not to be missed.
Naturally, we still have the other usuals, like Master Keaton, Kamichu!, Ghost In The Shell: 2nd Gig, and we are continuing Rozen Maiden.
Don't forget we're at the Santa Clara City Library this year! Don't go to the wrong place!
Please note, card stamping takes place at some to-be-determined, random time. So be alert, or you might miss it.

All times are approximate, so try to be early!
*Content of some shows NOT appropriate for all audiences!
12:30 Master Keaton #36
(Subtitled, Mystery)
Keaton has a terrible time tracking down one of the heirs to a large estate. Meanwhile, his partner Daniel thinks he's met his true love, leading to an end to "Blue Friday."
---Subbed by Geneon ("don't call us Shirley") Animation
12:55 Ghost in the Shell: 2nd Gig #4*
(Subtitled, Sci-fi/Cyber-action)
A pilot having a heart attack during a military training exercise in the Nihama Refugee Residential District Sealed Sector causes a crisis, in "Natural Enemy", which involves Section 9 with Kazudo Ghohda of the Cabinet Intelligence Service.
---Subbed by Bandai Entertainment
13:25 Ninja Nonsense #7*
(Subtitled, Ninjas!)
An accident causes Onsokumaru to be stuck with his worst enemy, Miyabi. They must seperate themselves or they'll have to come to an understanding about their mutual relationship ...NOT!!! In the 2nd part, Onsokumaru and the other ninjas decide they need to put the girls in their place with a little baseball game. But when Izumi and her students and Miyabi join Shinobu, it turns into a total war!
---Subbed by The Right Stuf
13:50 Kujibiki Unbalance #25*
(Subtitled, Comedy/Parody of parody)
In "Kujibiki Forever", Tokino's Team has made it into the final round of competition as the group begins to disintegrate from within. As the team members come to have second thoughts about their participation in the competition. But will Chihiro's chance encounter at his parent's grave give him the will to convince his teammates to keep going and see it to the end in this 1st of two part finale?
---Subbed by Anime Works
14:15 Abunai! Break time!
Leprechauns! Or at least, little anime character with some green on them! And prizes.
15:05 Rozen Maiden #3
(Subbed, Fantasy)
While Jun attempts to placate Hinaichigo by getting her favorite food in "Mercury Lamp", Suigintou, the first doll of Rozen Maiden, makes her presence known to Shinku. The animosity between the two is apparent even to Hinaichigo, but before she leaves Suigintou makes it known that she will win the Alice game and thus meet father.
15:30 Urusei Yatsura: Beautiful Dreamer
(Subbed, Comedy)
It is the last day before the school festival at Tomobiki High School and everyone is rushing to get the finishing touches done on their exhibits. But it feels like an eternity to Ataru, Lum and the rest of the gang. Strange things seem to be happening at Tomobiki High as events seem to be repeating over and over again. Can the gang break this cycle or will they be forced to repeat the same day over and over again? Will Ataru finally admit his feelings for Lum or will pigs have to fly first?
17:10 Kamichu! #9
(Subbed, Cute Fantasy)
In "Crossing the River of Time", a request by a spirit to help the spirit of an old sailor come home to Japan seems like an easy request for the God Yurie. But when this spirit is that of a ship that lies over a mile below the surface near Okinawa... But with a little help from her friends and a lot of studying, maybe, just maybe, she can get the job done.
---Subbed by Geneon Animation
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