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To mark the month when many people go back to school, we've decided to show some old school anime that newer fans may not have seen.
We've got Takahashi Rumiko's Maris the Chojo, part of the Rumic World series of OAVs that have never been re-released since the laserdisc days. To go with that, we've got Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko, with some very well-known voices, like Hayashibara Megumi (Ranma), Takayama Minami (Nabiki, Conan) and Tamagawa Sakiko (Natsumi from You're Under Arrest). And hey, all the usual suspects are here, too, like Keaton and Kamichu!. Ninja Nonsense is a very Dokkoida-like show, only with ninjas instead of spaceships. And this month's Genshiken is accompanied by an episode of the show that the Genshiken characters watch, Kujibiki Unbalance.
Don't forget to remember that we're at the Santa Clara City Library this month! Don't go to the wrong place!
Please note, card stamping takes place at some to-be-determined, random time. So don't blink, or you might miss it.

All times are approximate, so try to be early!
*Content of some shows NOT appropriate for all audiences!
12:30 Master Keaton #30
(Subtitled, Mystery)
Keaton must rescue an artist being forced to paint forgeries by a crooked art dealer and a brutal thug. First, though, he must get the artist's cooperation, in "The Highlands in Your Eyes".
---Subbed by
12:55 Ghost in the Shell: SAC #24*
(Subtitled, Sci-fi/Cyber-action)
Internal Security Section 9's visit to the Prime Minister's residence results in the disbanding of Section 9. The fate of one of the Tachikomas (cute robot tank weapons) is revealed, all in "Annihilation".
---Subbed by Bandai Entertainment
13:25 Ninja Nonsense #1*
(Subtitled, Ninjas!)
Ninja trainee Shinobu has undertaken her first exam assignment, but what does collecting undergarments from high school girls have to do with being a ninja? Can her first victim Kaede stop this evil plan yet still help our ditzy ninja? And more hilarity ensures when Shinobu decides to thank Kaede afterwards by taking her back to the secret ninja HQ!
---Subbed by The Right Stuf
13:50 Abunai! Break time!
Heck, we're not even close to running out of stuff from San Diego Con yet, so drop by to get more cheapo swag!
14:45 Genshiken #7*
(Subtitled, Comedy/Parody/Fan lameness)
In "Characteristics of Actions and Decisions in Personal Relationships", it's a new year and the chairman's stepping down to pursue his graduate thesis. A new year also means new members. Can Madarame take up the reins as the new chair? And can he bring in new blood without shedding any? Or is a little welcoming party going to cause the new members to flee for their lives?
---Subbed by Anime Works
15:10 Kamichu! #3
(Subbed, Cute Fantasy)
In "I Didn't Mean It", Yurie's really worried about her missing cat, Tama. But bigger problems are coming as the god of poverty is coming to town and all heck is breaking loose. If they don't do something, everyone will be poor soon. Problem is, Yurie finds that she just can't get rid of the god without getting rid of someone she loves. Can her power defeat the poverty god and still save the one she loves?
---Subbed by Geneon Animation
15:35 Starship Girl Yamamoto #1
(Subbed, Sci-fi/Comedy)
In the future, wars are fought in a civilized way, using teams of starship pilots to decide the outcome. The Terran team is losing. So they do what any self-respecting future team would do, and go back 1000 years (i.e. the present) to find the best pilot they can: an avid high school gamer girl named Yamamoto Yohko!
---Subbed by The Right Stuf
16:00 Maris the Chojo
(Subbed, Sci-fi/Comedy)
In the "oldies but goodies" section, we bring you Maris the Chojo (aka Supergal). One of the early Rumic World OAVs, this tale deals with (literally) poor Maris. She's a super-strong Space Police agent out to take down crime. Unfortunately, she pretty much takes down everything else around her, too! Will she be able to solve the crime and save the handsome guy-in-distress? More importantly, will she ever break even?!
---Subbed by US Manga Corps
16:50 Kujibiki Unbalance #1*
(Subtitled, Comedy/Parody of parody)
It's Chihiro's first day at Rikkyouin High School. This 130 yr old institution prizes good fortune, and Chihiro will need it as he's been thrown into Kujibiki, the year long comtest to determine the next student council. The lottery has grouped him with 3 girls: a mushroom-loving blonde, a mysterious girl and the ultimate homemaker. Do they have enough luck to win or will they run out of it at the start? Get ready for the madness in "First Lot: Unbalance Encounter".
---Subbed by Anime Works
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