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We go back to the Saratoga Library this month to bring you a very cool premiere. And just a reminder, we're on 2nd Saturdays from now on!
What's the big deal? How about Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children? Interested in it, but weren't sure you wanted to buy it when it comes out in December? Come and check it out a month early so you can decide! Not a gamer and don't know the FFVII storyline? We'll provide a short synopsis in the newsletter so you won't be completely lost! In addition to our big premiere, we have all our usual titles that you want to see, like Ghost in the Shell, Master Keaton, and R.O.D. TV. Plus the penultimate (look it up) episode of Takahashi's horror anthology, Mermaid's Forest and the always funny Dokkoida!
Please note, card stamping will take place at some random time. You have to be there when it happens, or you'll miss it.

All times are approximate, so try to be early!
*Some shows may not be appropriate for all audiences!
 12:30 Master Keaton #21
(Subtitled, Mystery)
Scottish whiskey and sake from a shrine in the northern part of Japan are clues for Keaton who tracks down the the original owner of a 17th century watch kept in a box with "The Thistle Emblem."
---Subbed by Geneon (née Pioneer) Animation
12:55 Mermaid's Forest #12*
(Subtitled, Horror)
In "Mermaid's Scar, part 1", Yuuta and Mana meet a young boy who is seemingly the victim of his mother, who herself has apparently eaten mermaid flesh. But things aren't what they seem, and Yuuta may be up against the greatest danger he's ever faced!
---Subbed by Studio Yoissho!
13:20 R.O.D. TV #17*
(Subtitled, Sci-fi/Adventure)
The book burning at Jimbocho provides a scene for reunions of both good and ill fortune. How these balance will determine the success of Yomiko's plan to bring everyone to "Sweet Home."
---Subbed by Geneon Animation
13:45 Ghost in the Shell: SAC #14*
(Subtitled, Sci-fi/Cyber-action)
Major Kusanagi collecting non-burnable trash begins the unraveling of a mystery featuring small-time thugs, a Wall Street wizard and an assassin in "Full Auto Capitalism."
---Subbed by Bandai Entertainment
14:15 Abunai! Break time!
When we bring back stuff from San Diego, we bring LOTS! We still have things to give away!
15:05 Chrno Crusade #17*
(Subbed, Fantasy/Action/Comedy)
Rosette can no longer hide the wounds that mark her as chosen by God. The headquarters of the Sinners is found and the combined forces of the Magdalene Order and the Devil Duffau attack, all in "Accomplices".
---Subbed by AD Vision
15:30 Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
(Subtitled, Fantasy/Gaming)
2 years after saving the world from the evil Sephiroth (in the game, and almost a year after it was originally supposed to come out), Cloud, Tifa and company have a new problem on their hands. People are dying from a mysterious illness dubbed "Geostigma", and no one knows what's causing it. Things get worse when 3 strangers appear who appear similar to Sephiroth, and when someone from Shinra Company returns to try to hire Cloud as a bodyguard. Everything is headed for a massive showdown in which the fate of the world is once again in peril! Many people have said that this is what the Final Fantasy movie should have been! Whether you're a fan of the game or not, you shouldn't miss this CG epic from Square-Enix!
---Subbed by Studio Yoissho!
17:10 Dokkoida! #5*
(Subbed, Action/Comedy)
"Mission: Allowance Increase" Suzuo learns the hard way that being a hero really doesn't pay that much. After the deducted costs for living expense there's really not much left for luxury items, like a decent meal. Yet he learns that not everything is as it seems as Dokkoida fights to get a raise.
---Subbed by Geneon Animation
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