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This month, the film Kung Fu Hustle comes out in theaters here in the US. What does that have to do with us? Nothing, except as a horribly bad segue to our introduction of short Tristia of the Deep Blue Sea OAV series, which also has fighting and comedy! And don't forget we'll be at the Saratoga Library now (maybe we'll remove a stamp from your card if you go to the wrong location).
We continue this month with Giant Robo, plus Master Keaton returns after being pushed off the schedule, as does Figure 17. Ghost in the Shell and Mermaid's Forest continue, as do R.O.D. TV and Chrno Crusade. So come join us at our new digs and see what you think! Note that the screen is lower at Saratoga, and there are fewer chairs, so you may want to bring a cushion or pillow, as people in front may want to sit on the floor.

All times are approximate, so try to be early!
*Some shows may not be appropriate for all audiences!
12:30 Figure 17 #11
(Subtitled, Sci-fi/Adventure)
Hikaru's declaration that she won't leave Tsubasa seems to bring some comfort to her during her time of need. But now Tsubasa can't seem to operate with Hikaru being around and the worst is yet to come from the Maguars!
---Subbed by Media Blaster
 1:15 Tristia of the Deep Blue Sea #1
(Subbed, Fantasy/Action/Comedy)
The city of Tristia finally seems to have recovered from its long financial depression. To celebrate this achievement, a Golem contest is held to show off the latest in domestic golems. Nanoca Flanka, who has helped make this possible, doesn't want to participate. Yet forces outside of her control work to get her combat golem, Tenzan, involved in the contest.
---Subbed by Pathfinder Entertainment
 1:45 R.O.D. TV #9*
(Subtitled, Sci-fi/Adventure)
Dokusensha requests the Three Paper Sisters Detective Agency to recover an object that is also being sought by a woman supported by a very familiar American bodyguard...
---Subbed by Geneon Animation
 2:15 Abunai! Break time!
When we explore the new library and wreak havor on other patrons
 3:00 Mermaid's Forest #4*
(Subtitled, Horror)
In the 1st half of the titular "Mermaid's Forest", Mana disappears after an accident, and Yuuta must find out what happened. But when he stumbles upon a mansion inhabited by a young girl with white hair and an old woman, he finds more than he bargained for!
---Subbed by Studio Yoissho!
 3:50 Giant Robo #3*
(Subtitled, Sci-fi)
The next target of the giant sphere causing massive blackouts around the world is the last oil fields on Earth in Shanghai. But can Ginrei and the other Experts of Justice stop it without revealing Giant Robo's terrible secret? Or is even Giant Robo powerless against the giant sphere?
---Subbed by Anime Works
 4:30 Ghost in the Shell: SAC #7*
(Subtitled, Sci-fi/Cyber-action)
Section 9 investigates an South American revolutionary hero who is involved with a cyber drug crime syndicate in "Idolator." Watch for a skydiving tachikoma!
---Subbed by Bandai Entertainment
 5:00 Chrno Crusade #10*
(Subbed, Fantasy/Action/Comedy)
The story of the ill-fated meeting of the devil Aion and the siblings Rosette and Joshua reveals the connection between Chrono's past, Joshua's disappearance and "Horn."
---Subbed by AD Vision
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