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Don't forget our July meeting is the 2nd weekend! That's because a bunch of us will be doing our annual San Diego Comic Con trip the 3rd weekend.
In addition to the regular lineup of shows, we're also re-showing the éx-Driver: Danger Zone short, since not that many people got to catch it last month.

*All times are approximate, so try to be early!
Some shows may not be appropriate for all audiences!
12:30 Banner of the Stars #5
(Subtitled, Sci-fi/Drama)
The Ahb offensive had been going too well: it's become obvious that the enemy plans to lure the Ahb into becoming overextended before attacking. The Ahb respond with a new plan. One part is to give the command of the Aptic system to Admiral Nereis Bebaus and his Chief of Staff Nefee Bebaus who come from a family known for genius ... and insanity.
---Subbed by Bandai Entertainment, Inc.
12:55 Noir #17
(Subbed, Drama/Action)
In "Return to Corisca," Mireille finally visits her homeland to find out more about her parents' deaths. But what she finds isn't what she wanted to hear, and things get even worse when a surprise visitor shows up to give her more unwelcome information.
---Subbed by Studio Yoissho!
 1:25 She, The Ultimate Weapon #6
(Subtitled, Romance/Drama)
"Classmates" Having unwillingly spied on Shuji and Ms. Fuyumi, Chise is crushed when Shuji is overcome with guilt and confesses what he did. Shuji's friend Atsushi reveals that likes Akemi and is joining the military, and Shuji is beset with confusion over his feelings for the various girls in his life. Meanwhile, the war gets worse and takes its toll on everyone.
---Subbed by Tohokushinsha Films
 1:55 éx-Driver: Danger Zone
(Subbed, Sci-fi/Action)
Before Lisa, Lorna and Souichi were éx-Drivers, there was a different team: Nina and Rei. And if you thought the current team argues and bickers a lot, wait until you see these two as they tackle what seems to be an invisible berserk AI car and a malicious stalker!
---Subbed by Studio Yoissho!
 2:25 Abunai! Break time!
(We won't be giving out door prizes on the 3rd Saturday, you know!)
Will everyone remember when this meeting is?
---"As good as Finding Nemo, but less fish..."
 3:05 Only Yesterday
(Subbed, Drama)
This is a great life-drama story from Studio Ghibli, about a young woman named Taeko who takes her annual vacation to the countryside. Working alongside the farmers in the fields and reminiscing about her fifth grade, she eventually discovers something important about herself and what she wants. It's a film about self-discovery, growing up, introspection and... pineapples. (You'll have to watch the film to see why!)
---Subbed by Studio Ghibli
 5:05 Azumanga Daioh TV #7
(Subtitled, Life/Comedy)
In "School Festival," it's the annual school culture festival, and the girls of class 5 face 2 challenges. First, coming up with a theme for their class's event, and second, pulling it off! There'll be giant cats and stuffed animals galore!
---Subbed by Studio Yoissho!
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