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 Updated Dec. 29, 2001
No-Name Anime Events
It's Our 8th Anniversary!
It's hard to believe we've been running now for 8 years, but we've got pictures to prove it, so it must be true! If you were there and wanted to see the pictures, or if you missed it and wanted to know what it was like, here you go! There's also a part 2.

Courteous attendees help the staff set up.

The "AnimeScope" screen being set up.

Richard talking to a strangely dressed-up Trevor.

Mr. Conner getting the prizes ready.

Here are a bunch more prizes.

The half-sheet cake: mocha supreme.

The Hawaiian banana delight quarter-sheet.

Everyone gawks at the cakes.

A representative sampling of attendees.

Another view of our fine club members.

Andrew and Tom work ceaselessly to have cake ready.

The lucky winner of a Pioneer chocolate bar!

He gets a Di Gi Charat mousepad, straight from Animate in Japan.

AND a bunch of video tapes.

Everyone gets a prize.

The Belldandy figure!

Di Gi Charat figures.

A cel from the classic show, Cat's Eye.

Everyone gets a prize.

It's an Animetoonz! CD!

The lucky winner of a Pioneer chocolate bar!

Everyone gets a prize.

It's a mini Kero-chan from Cardcaptor, not that Kero isn't small enough already!

Everyone gets a prize.

An Oh My Goddess! pencil board.

One of the Gundam models from the Metreon.

An Oh My Goddess! pencil board.

An Azumanga calendar. We'll have more about this soon.

The lucky winner of a Pioneer chocolate bar!

Yes, they're Sailor Moon chopsticks.

The incredible grand prize of all 42 volumes of the Dragonball Z manga!

It's a Sailor Moon, uh... keychain? Or something...

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