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 Last updated Dec. 12, 2001
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Our 7th Anniversary!
(Okay, so this is up way late. We tend to procrastinate a lot, when we get around to it). Anyway, here are pictures from our 7th Anniversary meeting, which was December 2000, if you're keeping track.

Unveiling and getting the cake ready.

There's the main (half-sheet) cake.

Time to cut and serve the cake.

The second cake is smaller (quarter-sheet).

We start handing out door prizes.

Tada! The much coveted Bubblegum 2040 Perfect Manual.

A lucky attendee wins a blurry prize :)

Obviously, the 2001 Totoro calendar.

A couple of nice posters go out to people.

A nice Sailor Moon poster.

Then there's a Ruroni Kenshin poster.

A Princess Mononoke poster (one of the better ones).

Marcus, our youngest attendee!

Okay, okay, another Mononoke poster.

Uhh... pencil board?

The grand prize, a very rare autograph from Rumiko Takahashi!

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