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The year
 Updated Dec. 15, 2007
No-Name Anime Events
Event: No-Name Anime December 2007
No-Name Anime celebrated our 14th anniversary and our first full year at the Santa Clara Library with cake and presents. Relive the cake cutting on YouTube.

Have a comment for us or don't want your picture on-line? Contact us with a subject of "December 2007 pics" at a handwritten email address

Kamichu! cake
Strawberry Marshmallow cake
Strawberry Marshmallow cake
two cakes photographing cake
Lining up to photograph the cake...
photographing cake photographing cake almost ready to cut cake
"Knives are dangerous!" -- S.O.S-dan member
almost ready to cut cake
ready to cut cake
"Cake cutting status: systems all green!"
Miniatures from some of the anime we're showing -- thanks Nancy!
Haruhi miniatures
Ghost in the Shell miniatures
Ghost in the Shell
Strawberry Marshmallow miniatures
Strawberry Marshmallow
miniatures miniatures Apples-to-Apples game
An Apples-to-Apples game -- thanks Cedric!
prizes prizes prizes And the lucky winner is...
And the lucky winner is...
showing frequent viewer card calling a winner up unwrapping a prize poster
.hack/SIGN DVDs
complete .hack/SIGN TV series DVDs
Patlabor DVDs
two Patlabor DVDs
unwarpping a prize Golden Compass poster
Golden Compass movie mini-poster -- we recommend the book too!
Detective Conan poster
Detective Conan movie poster
Yomiko Readerman from R.O.D figure
An "A" prize: a figure of Yomiko Readerman from R.O.D Read or Die
Puffy AmiYumi T-shirt and CD
A Puffy AmiYumi T-shirt and CD.
Charlie Brown figure
a Comic-Con special Charlie Brown figure
miniatures Ensign Picard figure
Not Captain, but alternate reality Ensign Picard from Star Trek Next Generation, another limited edition figure
Boondocks poster
Boondocks mini-poster and card
Genshiken DVDs
Genshiken DVDs
Neon Genesis Evangelion poster
Neon Genesis Evangelion poster
Hamtaro poster
Hamtaro poster
Bleach key chain
"Chain of Fate" key chain from Bleach (do you die if you lose your keys?)
Di Gi Charat art
Some very nice Di Gi Charat art
It's Easy button
This year's "E" prize: an "It's Easy" button.
Kiki playing cards
Kiki playing cards
Wolf's Rain poster
Wolf's Rain poster
Mint from Galaxy Angels
Mint from Galaxy Angels
prize winner Mermaid Saga mango
A Rumiko Takahashi Mermaid Saga manga.
Inu Yasha calendar and figure
A calendar and Kagome figure from Rumiko Takahashi's Inu Yasha
Cloverfield/Monstrous movie poster
A poster for the movie Cloverfield with its old name, Monstrous
Star Trek poster prize winner audience audience

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