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 Updated May 28, 2015
No-Name Anime Events
FanimeCon 2015 Report and Pictures
For its 21th anniversary in 2015, FanimeCon continued holding anime themed events in and around the San Jose Convention Center, the attached hotels and two nearby hotels plus Steampunk events at the DoubleTree Hotel near the San Jose Airport. Last year's attendance was 27,000 people and even more people attended this year. Given the overwhelming number of cosplayers, we've give up on trying to photograph more than small sampling along with photos of other things.

Opening Ceremonies included a few words by the very charming Ai Nonaka and by the very cool guys from BACK-ON. This was immediately followed by a performance by FanimeMaids. There were many other events with singing and/or dancing including Fanimaid*LIVE.

Official site:
cosplayer at FanimeCon 2015

Opening Ceremonies: WindOfTheStars at FanimeCon 2015

Fanimaid*LIVE at FanimeCon 2015

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