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 Updated Aug. 16, 2009
No-Name Anime Events
Event: NEW PEOPLE grand opening
NEW PEOPLE is a building in San Francisco's Japantown devoted to Japanese popular culture. On Saturday, August 15, 2009, we attended the grand opening and the festival held on the surrounding streets. The San Francisco weather was perfect for the outdoor parts of this event, sunny but not too hot.

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the J-POP SUMMIT stage
J-POP SUMMIT stage festival
The "Harajuku Kawaii Experience" stage is on the other side of these booths.
Harajuku Kawaii Experience winners
"Harajuku Kawaii Experience" contest winners
Harajuku Kawaii Experience winners NEW PEOPLE building
Inside the NEW PEOPLE building
People at the festival booths
People at the festival booths
TOTO toilets
One of the exhibitors of fine Japanese products.
A guest of honor, maybe Amano-san, leaving

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