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 Updated Jul. 28, 2009
No-Name Anime Events
Event: San Diego Comic Con 2009
Once again, some of the more intrepid staffers from No-Name Anime braved the crowds at San Diego Comic Con. A highlight was joining 6500 other fans for an interview with animator Hayao Miyazaki during a rare U.S. appearance. Of course, there were other interesting happenings, too.

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26th floor view
Our first view of the con from our 26th floor room.
One of the booth mascots.
Azumang poster
Kinokuniya had this great Azumanga poster, but sadly, we couldn't get it.
The Nickelodeon booth.
You can't have a con without five or more trading card games.
Marvel's Iron Man
Is it the Marvel booth, or the Iron Man booth?
See-thru Yamato
You, too, can ooh and ahh over the see-through Yamato toy.
True Blood Geico
Whatever you think of HBO's True Blood series, they have some great ads at the con.
Laughing Man cookies
Is there a secret hidden in these Laughing Man cookies?
Saturn V
One booth had this great replica of the Saturn V rocket.
It's the top half of Bumblebee from the Transformers movie!
Under the sea
The Bioshock 2 game had this great replica of an in-game setting.
Twilight fans in line
Large numbers of female fans of Twilight
Twilight fans in line
... broke Comic-con records ...
Twilight fans in line
by camping out the night before to get into the big hall.
Sci-Fi balloon
Instead of having an expensive booth, the SyFy (blech!) channel had outdoor displays.
CNN cosplay
This fan dressed up as the CNN web page.
District 9
Many companies had tons of viral or ubiquitous ads, like this District 9 tank.
WB swag bag
We couldn't get one this year, but this is what one of the WB bags looks like.
Jessica Rabbit
A pretty good Jessia Rabbit figure.
Cosplay fans.
A somewhat rare toy for the Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi show.
Kotobukiya sculptor
Kotobukiya had one of their sculptors actually working on the show floor.
Alternate Enterprise
One of the con exclusive items was this alternate timeline Enterprise, which sold out quickly.
Dexter marketing
Marketing for Dexter was everywhere, on buses, pedicabs, signs...
Another cosplaying fan.
Red Shirt Cologne
One company sold this special Trek item. Very funny.
J-List bag
Someone on staff "volunteered" to buy stuff from J-List to get this great looking bag.
The Acme (i.e. Warner Bros.) booth was selling this plush Alec from the Pixar short.
True Blood ad
The True Blood ads were everywhere, even on our hotel elevator call panel.
Miyazaki line
The line to get into Hall H at 7:52am.
Miyazaki line
The line to get into Hall H at 8:27am.
Hotel food
The hotel got smart and started selling boxed lunches that were cheaper than the con food.
Max Records from the upcoming Where the Wild Things Are film.
Book of Eli
Some of the cast from upcoming Book of Eli film: Mila Kunis, Gary Oldman, Denzel Washington.
Elm Street
Jackie Earle Haley talking about upcoming remake of Nightmare on Elm Street.
Jonah Hex movie cast
cast of upcoming Jonah Hex movie
Sherlock Holmes
Robert Downey Jr. and Rachel McAdams of upcoming Holmes movie.
Disney/Pixar panel
beginning of Disney/Pixar panel
John Lasseter and Miyazaki
John Lasseter and Miyazaki-san.
John Lasseter and Miyazaki
John Lasseter and Miyazaki-san.
Half-Life cosplayers
It's Gordon Freeman from Half-Life.
Venture Bros. cosplayers
If you're a fan of Venture Bros., you'll know what this is.
Cafe Diem
SyFy's (blech!) Cafe Diem, recreated at an actual cafe in the city.
Warehouse 13
More advertising outside, for Warehouse 13.
Part of the viral marketing for Tron2, recreating front of Flynn's Arcade.
NCsoft's product waifs for City of Heroes.
Apparently, anything can be turned into a cute plushie, even Cthulu!
Pretty nice AV-98 Ingram from Patlabor.
Starship Troopers
A great, detailed replica of the Starship Troopers ship.
Green Hornet
They may not have all actors finalized, but the car's done for Green Hornet.
Another great cosplay costume, though we're not sure what it is.
The Black Knight and... we don't know what.
Another unknown (but impressive) cosplayer.
The Paramount booth had a few "Orion" women helping out.
Another shot of Transformers booth, with a (we think) cosplayer.
Clone Wars
Some nice life-size Clone Wars figures.
The Revoltech/Organic booth got lots of excitement with their janken game.
Star Wars X-Wing
Yet another nice model we can't get, of the X-Wing Fighter.
Possibly the most impressive model at the show: the Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
Here's Mark Brodeen, the man who crafted it and all 19,000 rivets on it.
Who photos the Watchmen? This group hung around for lots of photos.
Even Batgirl and Poison Ivy can get tired at this con.
Emily the Strange photo-op.
One of the upcoming toy version of the new Enterprise.
And the really impressive Sideshow version of the same thing.
The Sideshow version of the ship from Serenity.
Sideshow Collectibles' versions of the Up characters.
Kelly Hu
It's Kelly Hu! You may remember her as the one who didn't talk in X-Men.
Is there anything you can't make out of Legos?
A cosplayer dressed up as Fire from the JLA?
NBC decided to push Heroes with this outdoor carnival area...
Heroes well as this Nissan Cube.
True Blood
Yes, more True Blood advertising.
Is Cloak and Dagger still going? Anyway, someone's making a figure of Dagger.
A really nice (probably unaffordable) replica of the Millenium Falcon.

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