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The year
 Updated June 15, 2005
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This year, as we do every year, we attended the FanimeCon. Some staff members like to take a few pictures. And then there's Ed who tends to take a lot of pictures...

As always, if you see your photo on these pages and would like to be credited, or have corrections for us to make, please send your email with a subject of "Fanime2K5 pics" to a handwritten email address

Thursday May 26 - Day 1: Part 1
Thursday night included the little Swap Meet.

Friday May 27 - Day 2: Part 2a, Part 2b, Part 2c
The con was in full swing on Friday. The Swap Meet overflowed.

Saturday May 28 - Day 3: Part 3a, Part 3b, Part 3c, Part 3d, Part 3e, Part 3f, Part 3g
This year, MusicFest (the concert) was on Saturday. Thanks to everyone who stopped by for the stamping.

Sunday May 29 - Day 4: Part 4a, Part 4b, Part 4c, Part 4d, Part 4e, Part 4f, Part 4g, Part 4h
On Sunday, Der Cosplay featured the final appearance by Dieter. We were happy to get some pix of the H.C.C. folks beforehand ("Hi Judy!").

Monday May 30 - Day 5: Part 5
Monday was a slow day, but some nice people attended the Fan Club panel. We checked the dealers room for last minute bargains...

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