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Jul 01
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First we premiered the Cardcaptor Sakura movie in April, now we've got another great premiere for you! Why? Because you're special!
We're kicking off a virtual Fujishima Kousuke festival here! Yes, you've probably figured out from the flyer that we'll be showing the Oh My Goddess! movie, and it's not some crappy third-generation copy with bad subtitles, either! We follow this with Fujishima's new OAV series ex Driver in the coming months. And that's still not all! This month also brings the last episode of Magic Users Club, which has been really wonderful. Meanwhile, Dual, the ever-popular Love Hina, and Kodomo no Omocha, as well as Bubblegum Crisis 2040 will continue to be shown. There'll be more good stuff in the next few months, like... well, you'll see!
Now, before we get too long-winded, here's the schedule.

This Month's Schedule
*All times are approximate! Some shows not appropriate for all audiences!
12:30 Bubblegum Crisis 2040 #20
(Subbed, Action)
In "One of These Nights?" The secret is out! Linna appears wearing her new hardsuit, and everybody (well, all the former Knight Sabers) want one, too. But even with the enhanced powers of these new suits, can they take on all the mad boomers in the city? At the same time, Galatea starts to make her move, and it isn't pretty.
---Subbed A.D. Vision
1:00 Ruroni Kenshin OAV #4*
(Subtitled, Drama/Adventure)
"The Previous Night at the Mountain Home" Fleeing Kyoto, Kenshin starts a new life at a house in the country with the beautiful Tomoe, whose fiance he killed, as his wife. Will the traitor let him leave his past as an assassin behind?
*Some violence. May be inappropriate for some viewers
1:30 Kodomo no Omocha #15
(Subtitled, Indescribable frantic Comedy)
"The Promised Summer, continued." Sana and Hayama are trapped at the bottom of a cliff, where for a change, Sana is cheered up by Hayama, instead of the other way around. And when they return from their field trip, it will be time for her mother to publish her new book. Sana throws herself into tons of new commercials, and ends up working with child star Kamura Naozumi. What's strange is, Naozumi claims he knows the secret in Sana's mother's new book...
---Subbed by Kodocha Anime
2:00 Magic Users Club TV #13
(Subtitled, Comedy)
After the revelations in the last episode, Sae has renounced her use of magic. And now she seems to have disappeared. The rest of the magic club is out searching for her, because Takeo is convinced something may happen to her unless she's found. But where is she, and will she and Takeo finally admit what they feel?
---Subbed by StudioYoissho!
2:25 Abunai! Break time!
(Mass confusion, maybe even panic, ensues)
We continue our "Frequent Viewer" experiment. And if you bribe us, we'll tell you the secret of this month's flyer... (just kidding!)
---No one's brave enough to take credit for this fiasco!
2:55 Dual #7
(Subtitled, Sci-fi/Action)
Winning battle after battle, the war seems to be progressing well. Kazuki and company have settled into a daily routine, although his school work could use a lot of improvement. But this could just be the calm before the storm, because RARA have brought out an amazing new (or is that old?) weapon. As a result, Kazuki may have suffered the worst!
---Subbed Pioneer LDCA
3:20 Oh! My Goddess! Movie
(Subtitled, Romance/Comedy)
One night, Belldandy encounters a mysterious visitor, and she hasn't been the same since. In fact, she doesn't even remember Keiichi anymore! And with their access to the main computer system cut off, can Skuld and Urd help their sister? Who's this man? Who's the new girl who comes into Keiichi's life? And how is this connected to the terrible secret buried in Belldandy's past?
---Subbed by StudioYoissho!
5:05 Love Hina #5
(Subtitled, Romance/Comedy)
"Close Contact! Travel to Kyoto!" It's test time for Keitaro and Naru! After getting the results, they both decide to take a trip to Kyoto. Have Keitaro and Naru eloped?!? And finally they spend the night in the same room! Has Keitaro's luck finally turned?

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