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May 01
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But you can watch Love Hina instead! Based from the interest we got at Fanime about this great new show (and also because we weren't able to show one last month), we've decided to run two (count'em, two) episodes of it this month.
Another oft-requested show is Ruroni Kenshin, so we're showing two of the OAVs this month as well. Aside from that, we've also got an excellent slate of other shows, like the zombie attack in Bubblegum Crisis 2040, Sana's latest crisis in Kodomo no Omocha, and the gathering conclusion (and deepening mystery) in Magic Users Club. Cowboy Bebop is also rapidly approaching its end, but we'll find out some things about Ed and Faye before then, so don't miss it!
Our raison d'etre: the schedule.

This Month's Schedule
*All times are approximate! Some shows not appropriate for all audiences!
12:30 Bubblegum Crisis 2040 #18
(Subbed, Action)
In "We Built This City," it seems like boomers are coming out of the walls! The zombies have completely infested the police station, and things look pretty bad, when the AD Police finally show up. But will they be in time, or is it too little, too late?
---Subbed A.D. Vision
1:00 Cowboy Bebop #24
(Subtitled, Action/Drama)
In "Hard Luck Woman," Faye is still trying to plumb the mysteries of her origins, and Ed may be the one to help her. But it turns out that Faye isn't the only one with a mystery in her past. When Faye and Ed come upon a group of children, can it be that they've found a part of Ed's past? And what happens when all this gets in the way of Spike and Jet's latest bounty?
---Subbed by AnimeVillage
1:30 Magic Users Club TV #11
(Subtitled, Comedy)
"Akane-chan and the Mirror and the Year-End Bargain" The mysterious Jurika joins the club, which makes Sae very nervous. But after saving the earth once, what could the club have to be afraid of? They soon find out, as everything Takakura has worked for seems to come crumbling down!
---Subbed by StudioYoissho!
1:55 Kodomo no Omocha #13
(Subtitled, Indescribable frantic Comedy)
Something's happened to Tsuyoshi, so Hayama and Sana rush to his home, only to find he's not there! Apparently, his parents got divorced, and now, it seems, no one knows where Tsuyoshi has gone! Sana wants to help, of course, but she'll have to find him first, in "My Name's Going to Change!"
---Subbed by Kodocha Anime
2:25 Abunai! Break time!
(Mass confusion, maybe even panic, ensues)
Frequent Viewers! Giveaways! Genetic experiments gone awry! What more could any attendee want from us?
---It's not our fault!
3:05 Love Hina #2
(Subtitled, Comedy/Romance)
Hinata Sou's new resident, Shinobu! Arrow Signs! Maehara Shinobu is a high school freshman who doesn't have any friends, and her parents are going through a divorce. Can anybody cheer this little girl up? If Keitaro and the girls of Hinata Inn have any thing to say about it, you bet!
3:35 Ruroni Kenshin OAV #1 and #2
(Subtitled, Drama/Adventure)
In 1850-1868 Japan, a young boy is sold into slavery and later is the only survivor of a bandit massacre. Trained to be swordsman, he becomes a tool of those who would overthrow the oppressive Tokugawa Shogunate and restore the Emperor Meiji. He becomes an assassin, "the one who brings the bloody rain."
*Violence may be inappropriate for some viewers
4:30 Dual #4
(Subtitled, Sci-fi/Action)
Now that Kazuki is a full active participant in the war, the UN really goes out of the way to keep the RARA army from finding out who their ace in the hole is. Kazuki gets to stay with Sanada, which is great. Of course, there are some problems with the way the UN goes about hiding him... can Kazuki handle it?
---Subbed Pioneer LDCA
4:50 Love Hina #1
(Subtitled, Comedy/Romance)
Love Fallen!? Kendo Girl. Aoyama Motoko lives at Hinata Inn and follows the ways of kendo. While she was gone, though, Keitaro became the resident manager for the inn, which Motoko is firmly against. But why is she so against it, and can Keitaro bring her around?

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