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Apr 00
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Hey, we're on Tax Day this year! Well, what better way to relax from the stresses of worrying about your taxes than to drop in to a meeting of No-Name Anime, right? Heck, it doesn't even cost you anything!
This month, we're loaded up to the gills with short shows for you. From the new, reinterpretation of Bubblegum Crisis, to the slightly oddball but soulful Cowboy Bebop, right on to two episodes of Captain Tylor (because we didn't show it last month). Then we've got your usual helping of Please Save My Earth, Magic Users Club, Blue Seed, and Ranma. For those people who missed the early episodes, we're also restarting that wonderfully wacky Kodomo no Omocha.
How do I describe the shows? Let me count the ways...

This Month's Schedule
12:30 New Bubblegum Crisis #5
(Subbed, Action)
The Knight Sabers get "Rough and Ready" when a giant boomer goes mad in a factory and absorbs everything in sight. When even the AD Police and Priss can't handle it, what's a girl to do? Call Nene, of course!
---Subbed by A.D. Vision
1:00 Blue Seed #25
(Subbed, Action/Horror adventure)
"All or Nothing! Decision! My Fate!" continues the tale of the looming catastrophe. As the TAC and Momiji prepare to face what may be the end of the world, it's still unclear whether Momiji can save the world, or even herself. As for Kaede... whose side is she on? Does she know herself?
---Subbed A.D. Vision
1:30 Cowboy Bebop #10
(Subtitled, Action/Drama)
In "Ganymede Elegy," the bounty lead the gang to Jet's home world, and his memories of a lost love. Further news leads them straight to an encounter with Jet's painful past. Can he turn back time, or is the past truly behind him?
---Subbed by AnimeVillage
2:00 Irresponsible Captain Tylor #19
(Subtitled, Space Comedy)
In "Sleeping Beauty," Tylor is finally back on board his own ship, with guest in tow. But then it's discovered that the Raalgon have put some kind of strange implant in his head, and the only way to remove it is through an extremely risky operation!
---Subbed by The Right Stuf
2:30 Abunai! Break time!
(Mass confusion ensues)
Wait a minute! We're giving away stuff to people?!
---Apparently no one will claim credit for this
3:00 Magic Users Club #5
(Subtitled, Comedy)
"Nanaka and Aburatsuo-senpai and the Confession Spell" is the name of the episode in which Sae catches Nanaka and Aburatsubo doing something naughty... or does she? The club is supposed to stop practicing to avoid the Bell Tower's attention, but everyone breaks the rule, and the aliens decide to gather a "speciman."
---Subbed by Studio Yoissho!
3:30 Please Save My Earth #5
(Subtitled, Drama)
In "ESP", secrets unravel, and Rin finds out what Haruhiko's been up to, while Haruhiko decides to come clean with Tamura. In turn, Tamura decides to have a showdown with S-kun, or Rin, but is interrupted by the stranger named "M."
---Subbed by Project Daicon
4:00 Irresponsible Captain Tylor #20
(Subtitled, Space Comedy)
In our second Tylor episode of the day, "Well Handled Solutions," the Raalgon forces may fall victim to a coup, making them worse than ever. But Tylor doesn't care, because all he wants to do is watch a very particular videotape. Hmm...
---Subbed by The Right Stuf
4:30 Ranma 1/2 #113
(Subtitled, Action/Comedy/Romance)
More hijinks from Gosunkugi (the original 98-pound weakling) at school lead to a severe injury for Akane! Akane is admitted to the hospital, under Dr. Tofuu's care, as a result. But what happens when everybody visits her except the person she most wants to see?
---Subbed by Studio Yoissho!
5:00 Kodomo no Omocha #1
(Subtitled, Insanely frantic Comedy)
If you missed this the first time around, you owe it to yourself to catch it this time! In "I'm a Grade-School Girl with a Pimp," Kurata Sana, a famous child-star in Japan, begins sixth-grade only to discover that her new class is a complete zoo! And it's all because of the boy named Hayama Akito!
---Subbed by Kodocha Anime

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