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Jun 99
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You never know when you'll suddenly end up in Japan... but hey, if you're there, you should take advantage of any time you have, and we did! Come and check out the beautiful Galaxy Express 999 phone card set we picked up, and maybe you'll be the lucky winner of this great door prize!
In addition to a cool phone card set, we're also (finally) showing Tenchi the Movie! Along with Tenchi, we continue with our encore showing the You're Under Arrest! OAV series, and move right along with a great story in Blue Seed, which is starting to draw toward the series end. Tylor, Patlabor, and Kodocha are also showing this month.
And if you're still reading, no doubt what you really want is to read the schedule, so here it is...

This Month's Schedule
12:30 Captain Tylor #12
(Subbed, Action/Comedy)
Big things are afoot in "The Day the Soyokaze Vanished," which brings us the chance meeting of Tyler and another caption by moonlight. What, exactly, is the meaning of this? You'll just have to come and see!
---Subbed by The Right Stuf
1:00 Blue Seed #16
(Subbed, Action/Horror adventure)
In "Japan is a Paradise, Tears in Wakasa," an old friend of Kunikida commits suicide, and Kunikida must travel to the Fukui Precinct to see his widow. There, he finds that there is more than meets the eye, and something very strange is going on.
---Subbed A.D. Vision
1:30 You're Under Arrest! #3
(Subtitled, Action/Comedy)
In "Love's Highway Stars," thanks to Yoriko, rumors run wild about Miyuki attending a "matchmaking." Of course, it isn't really a matchmaking, but something that may be even worse news for Ken, who may be losing his last chance at Miyuki.
---Subbed by AnimEigo
2:00 Patlabor #1
(Subtitled, Mecha Action/Adventure)
The episode "Black Trinary" takes a seemingly lighter tone as the members of the Second Unit decide to go to a bath house during their long standby. But amidst all the fun and splashing around, something is waiting for them. Something unexpected!
---Subtitled, from US Manga Corps
2:00 Abunai! Break time!
(Definitely dubbed, General weirdness)
It's time for our usual wacky break, along with at least one really cool door prize! We'll try not to get too strange this time, and get right back to our shows.
---Apparently by No-Name Anime
3:05 Cowboy Bebop #1
(Subtitled, Action/Drama)
In the year 2071, a new generation of dispossessed flower children exist, who have no choice but to head for the stars. This show follows Spike as he travels in his spaceship and meets some... interesting... people. This new show has a lot of people excited about it; come and find out why!
---Subbed by Anime Village
3:35 Tenchi The Movie
(Subtitled, Action/Comedy)
In this theatrical feature, Tenchi is in the middle of reminiscing about his Mom when he begins to disappear! They discover that this is just the beginning (or the end) of a cosmic plot of revenge, by one of the most dangerous forces they could face. But can even Washu's science and everyone's help save Tenchi? There's only one way to find out!
---Subbed by Anime Village
5:10 Kodomo no Omocha #18
(Subtitled, Insanely frantic Comedy)
Sana is hiding out at Hayama's house as the media continues to cover the release of Mama's shocking book. She spends some quality time with Hayama and his family and cheers up immensely. That is, until she gets a call from home... all in "Two Hungry People Playing Hide and Seek."
---Subbed by Kodocha Anime

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